Have you been considering a bathroom remodel in Seattle? If so, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of Seattle natives decide to upgrade their bathrooms. This is done for a multitude of reasons, which will be addressed in subsequent sections. After making the decision to move forward with your bathroom remodel ideas, you will need to plan. Your plan should include things like bathroom remodel cost, materials, and the contractor that you would like to work with. If you work with HCC, our contractors can help you to make all of your home addition plans from the planning stage to the build stage. Everyone deserves a bathroom that they can escape to after a hard day’s work. You are no exception. Give Home Care Contractors a call to schedule your free estimate and learn more about how to increase the value of your home while adding comfort and style to your bathroom.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Right for You?

Not everyone needs a bathroom remodel in Seattle. However, most people want one. This is due to the bevy of benefits that will accompany your decision to finally implement your bathroom remodel ideas. Listed below are some of the more common reasons to get your bathroom remodeled.

  • Add to the value of your home: In most instances, you will not recoup all of the money that you invest in a bathroom remodel. However, you can expect to get back 50% to 66% as the value of your home will increase.
  • Save on your energy costs: New appliances, plumbing, and/or wiring can dramatically decrease the amount of money that you spend on water or electricity.
  • Enjoy extra space: This is typically true of couples or families that are sharing bathrooms. One of the most common bathroom remodel ideas is to add an additional sink as well as storage space. This can help to increase space and limit those morning arguments over counter space.

In addition, many homeowners find that remodeling their bathroom offers them a sense of peace that they were unable to obtain in their outdated bathrooms. There is nothing like coming home to the bathroom of your dreams. Give HCC a call to begin the journey to your bathroom remodel in Seattle today.

Bathroom Design

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Home

There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom. Sometimes you are not happy with how it looks, or it is starting to get outdated. Other people may have purchased a home that was already designed in a style that doesn’t appeal to them. Whatever your circumstances are, a bathroom remodel is usually an exciting prospect. After all, the end result is the bathroom of your dreams.

Below are some popular reasons for remodeling your bathroom:

It Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Like anything else, homes can go through wear-and-tear over the years. One place that feels the impact of this is your bathroom. It can age faster than the remainder of your home due to constant exposure to moisture. One of the first things an agent will check is the condition of your bathroom. If it is in good condition, it can raise the value of your home. If you are thinking of selling your property, it may be a good idea to remodel your bathroom.

It Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

An unsafe bathroom can be incredibly dangerous because of hazards like broken or slippery tiles. Water leaks can be hazardous, especially if electrical cables are exposed.

The Plumbing Is in Disrepair

If you have recurring problems in your bathroom that are plumbing-related, you may need serious restoration. If you are constantly calling your plumber to repair something that just broke, a remodel may be a lot more efficient and cost-effective. Best of all, a remodel can address other issues that you have been putting off—all the birds with one stone!

Sustainability and Efficiency

Suppose your home is over 20 years old. In that case, the odds are that the materials that make up your bathroom—fixtures, piping, showerheads, and toilets are not energy efficient or very environmentally friendly. Decades ago, homeowners and manufacturers didn’t consider energy efficiency or water conservation. An environmentally friendly and efficient bathroom allows you to make a small impact on the world around you while also saving you money. You can finally replace old, rusty pipes and outdated fixtures while saving money on your electricity bills and water usage.

Update an Old and Vintage Bathroom

Every year, modern and sleek bathroom products and interior designs are introduced to the market, increasing your options for a beautiful and contemporary bathing area. If you compare your current bathroom to available designer ones, you may notice that yours looks and feels outdated. Your bathroom is where you can relax by yourself and decompress when the day is done. You don’t want to unwind in a stuffy, musty, cluttered room. You may even feel embarrassed when guests and visitors use your bathroom. A remodeled bathroom can make you feel comfortable and happy.

Combat Mildew and Mold

Thanks to the constant exposure to hot water, your bathroom tends to experience a high amount of humidity and heat. A relaxing, hot shower creates steam, which can introduce bacteria build-up. The longer a bathroom goes without being remodeled, the more likely it is to introduce elements like mildew and mold. You may end up spending longer and longer cleaning your space to keep it looking clean, which can be hard when life is growing in your shower and on the walls.

Expand Your Storage Capacity

Have you ever noticed that you expand to meet the size of your house? The longer you stay somewhere, the more things you tend to accumulate. Families tend to grow, as well. All of these factors mean that space is needed to accommodate the increase in items and people. If your bathroom is starting to feel too small or cannot store all your items, you may need to remodel your bathroom as soon as you can. A newly updated bathroom means that everyone’s needs can be met.

To Keep Your Family Safe and Happy

As noted earlier, a growing family can have changing needs. For example, you may need to fit the needs of multiple kids who require bathtime. Aging family members may need a wheelchair or handicapped access. Members of your family may need special accessories and features that a normal bathroom does not facilitate.

Was your bathroom fashionable and chic, but now it seems faded and outdated? Cabinets can start seeing years of wear and tear, and walls can seem dingy and stained. If you’re unhappy with just about everything about your bathroom, you may be due for a full-scale renovation. However, you may want to consider smaller upgrades that have immediate, high-impact results.

No matter what the scope of your bathroom project might be, there are many options for you to choose from. Home Care Contractors works with homeowners to go over the scope of their budget and preferred design. From a small powder room, modern bathroom, walk-in shower, granite countertops, LED lighting, soaking tubs, curbless showers to a complete bathroom renovation—we have you covered! We enable our clients to feel confident in their decisions.

Your bathroom works hard for you, and the amount of steam and humidity can make parts of it age quicker. Remodeling your bathroom brings your bathroom up to speed along with the rest of your life.

Budgeting for Seattle Bathroom Remodel Cost

Seattle bathroom remodel costs will vary greatly depending on square footage, quality of materials used, and how much labor it will take to complete your project. Setting your budget is one of the most important steps. Set it first, and then make all of your other plans according to the budget that you have built. Within that budget, it is also recommended that you set aside 10% to 20% of your budget. This will be used in the case that the project goes over budget. When you receive an estimate from your contractor, go through each itemized bathroom remodel cost. Though it is tempting to choose the contractor with the lowest rates, this is typically not the best strategy for having a bathroom remodel in Seattle that you can be proud of. If you can not afford what you need/desire, it is better to continue saving than to work with a cheap contractor.

Cool Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you’ve decided that your bathroom is in dire need of a total revamp, you can count on Home Care Contractors to steer you in the right direction. From a complete bathroom overhaul to just improving one aspect of your space, you can start small or go big. You may decide to move your shower to another side of the room or restore dull-looking countertops. Bath lovers may determine that their perfect bathroom includes a relaxing soaking tub or a large walk-in shower.

Seattle homeowners can enjoy heated floors, designer floor tile, grab bars, and more. Bathroom designs are limitless for Seattle homes. Your design team can help you design the best bathroom for your modern space.

When you decide on a bathroom remodel in Seattle, it is similar to a painter’s blank canvas. You have the power to implement your wildest bathroom remodel ideas. Just be sure to stay within budget. When coming up with ideas, have fun. For instance, you may want to get rid of your linoleum floor and add designer tile instead. Perhaps you have always wanted to add a window to your bathroom; now is the chance. Discuss your bathroom remodel ideas with your contractor to ensure that they are feasible and can fit within your budget.

Working With Home Care Contractors

At HCC, it is no secret that we want your business. However, we are willing to work for it. At Home Care Contractors, we strive to be your go-to contractors for your bathroom remodel in Seattle. We are not the most expensive nor the cheapest. HCC offers fair pricing with impeccable workmanship and high-quality materials. We have maintained a 99% five-star approval rating from our customers and are always striving for 100%. If you are tired of dreaming about your bathroom remodel, give us a call and schedule your free estimate today.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas And Solutions

It can be thrilling for homeowners to have a new bathroom, and we at Home Care Contractors want to be your chosen bathroom remodelers in Seattle. We enjoy helping clients get excited about choosing a bathroom design, down to the details in the shower, sink, and bath.

Bathroom Design

Expanding a Small Bathroom

Expanding a bathroom, especially a master bathroom, can add value to your home. There are many different ways to expand a bathroom, depending on the home’s structural design. Anytime there is an expansion being done, whether it’s in a kitchen or a bathroom or any other room in the house, the builder has to determine where that extra space is going to come from. Swapping the tub and the toilet areas, for example, can free up space to double a vanity’s size, which will give you an extra sink and storage space. But there are other places in the home where you can borrow space in order to accommodate for your expanded bathroom, such as an adjacent:

  • Bedroom
  • Closet
  • Hallway

A popular option is to steal space from an unused guest room, office, or any adjacent room that doesn’t get used much. You’ll be using the space in your home more efficiently by giving that extra space to the bathroom. Using only a small area of the room means that it will still be functional when you need it.

Vanity And Storage Space

Your vanity, countertop, and sink are very important areas of your bathroom. They can sometimes take up too much room, which is an inefficient use of space. An example is a bathroom with a very large mirror and one sink in it, but with plenty of room for a second sink and more storage space. Turning that into a double vanity can give you extra cabinet space for storing toiletries and frees up space on the counter. This is a very common bath remodeling project that bathroom remodelers in Seattle have experience solving for homeowners.

Other times the vanity may not take up enough space. A single sink may be very difficult to use if you constantly have to switch out items from storage that you need for daily grooming. By expanding the countertop and you can add functionality to your bathroom, and add doors and drawers to create storage spaces.

Bathroom Flooring Materials

When it comes to flooring in any room where there’s a risk of water, such as a kitchen or bathroom, you want waterproof floorings such as vinyl or tile. But in addition to being waterproof, they are also durable, easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive to install, and range in designs from simple white to elaborate styles. Some experts say that the design of a bathroom starts with the floor, which sets the tone of the room. One of the most popular trends is to use cool, calming tones in bathroom flooring, such as:

  • Black-and-white tile
  • Gray tile
  • White tile
  • Blonde wood
  • Whitewashed wood

It’s important that your tiles do not hold or absorb water, because then that will lead to mold or other issues around your shower and bath. Preventing water damage in your existing bathrooms, master bath, or new shower is one of our priorities in your remodel project. Tiles are categorized by the following ratings:

  • Non-vitreous: These absorb more than 7% of water in bathrooms
  • Semi- vitreous: These absorb 3% to 7% of water in bathrooms
  • Vitreous: These absorb 0.5% to 3% of water in bathrooms
  • Impervious: These absorb less than 0.5% of water in bathrooms

The best types of tiles to choose for your bath remodel project are impervious tiles. In your bath and kitchen, these tiles protect your home from water damage.

Patterns and Designs

Bathroom flooring invites a lot of creativity. If you have ever visited a historic home, it’s likely that you have seen gorgeously designed floors in the bathroom. As noted earlier, having a bathroom that can make people say “wow” has always been important to improving a home’s value, so why not take the unconventional route and use a unique pattern? There are some well-known layouts that add character to bathroom flooring:

  • Subway tile
  • Hexagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Geometric
  • Mixed width

Shower Shape

One of the most popular and widely used shapes in shower design is a basic, rectangular shape. But you can think beyond that. Adding a different type of framework to your shower can be very enticing and improve your overall bathroom design. For example, an archway can be an interesting element to add to your new bathroom or enhance an existing shower arch. It can especially make a statement in a master bathroom. The shower and bath are among the most important details of a home improvement project. We can also advise you on any plumbing needs your new shower and bath will require.

Built-In Shelving

Another way to use space more efficiently is to add built-in shelving to your bathroom. A popular spot to hold toiletries is in the shower. Our Seattle bathroom remodeling services include building custom shelving into any bath design.

Why We Are Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

We’ve been providing general contractor services throughout the Seattle area for many years. Bathroom remodels are notoriously stressful for homeowners who might be stressed about the design of their existing bath and the design for their new project. Bathrooms are a lot of fun to design, and a project like this can help you take control over how you live in your home. Our bathroom remodeling Seattle services include providing you with designs of the project so you can visualize how your toilet, countertops, and shower will look. Before and after all bathroom remodels we sanitize our equipment to assure our clients that we are COVID-conscious while working on your home improvement project.

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