Termite Damage Repair & Replacement in Seattle

If your home is or was under attack by termites, we are here to help. At Home Care Contractors, our specialty is repairing termite damaged wood members, such as your framing. If you have a problem with these little insects, we have solutions to correct the current problem and help you keep these critters away.Our Home Repair Experts Can Fix Termite Damage to Your Home Quickly and Affordably!

Termites are a homeowners worst nightmare. They eat wood and will eat away at your home’s foundation over time. Termites often target your wall studs and rafters in the roof. If you recently found out that termites have invaded your home, you need to know what you can do to repair the damage. At
Home Care Contractors, our termite repair specialists have decades of experience in repairing termite damage in Everett area homes. You don’t have to live in fear that termites will destroy your home while you are sleeping. Whether you see or suspect termite damage in your home, give us a call.

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