Rot Repair in Seattle

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Dry Rot Seattle

Unfortunately, wet areas, such as in the Pacific Northwest, are more prone to developing fungus issues within older wooden buildings. Moisture is the enemy of wood in homes and is usually the culprit when it comes to dry rot. Mixed with the warm weather, wood becomes a lush breeding ground for fungus. 

From inside to outside, from front porch to back deck, homeowners should check their property regularly for dry rot. An outbreak must be contained immediately to protect the structure of the home and prevent the further spreading of the fungus. Catching it early may also mean replacing a board or two rather than doing a major construction job.

Signs of Dry Rot

While it is best to call an expert to do a professional analysis of your home, there are some classic signs that can alert you to a dry rot problem in your home.


One of the tell-tale signs walking into a house with a dry rot problem is a musty, damp smell. It does indicate, however, how advanced the problem is.


Wood that is being eaten by fungus can appear warped, soft and spongy to the touch or when stepped on or crumble at the touch. If wood is so dry that flakes off in cubic-like chunks then it is probably due to fungus. If the rot is on a back deck then it is usually easier to see than within walls of a home at the beginning. 

However, as it progresses, the fungus can actually begin to appear underneath the surface of the walls like grey wiggling, zagging lines. Then these zagging lines can bloom out from the wall in corners and spread from there. At this stage, you will also begin to find reddish-orange spore dust. This means that the spores are now traveling through the house in the air. If your home is in this condition please give us a call immediately.

Rotten House

Is It Dangerous?

Though this type of fungus is not considered toxic, dry rot has been associated with asthma is children and elderly adults when researchers conducted both skin and bronchial tests. This type of mold is very capable of irritating the lung tissues and causing sudden asthma attacks. Fixing a dry rot problem, especially if it’s in the advanced stages, can have a tremendous impact on the health of your family members and the people in your building.

The level of danger of dry rot to the structure of the building depends on how advanced the problem is. If you are seeing blooms or pancake-shaped growths in corners, grey spindles on the walls, smell a strong mushroom-like smell or see spore dust then the integrity of the structure may be jeopardized. 

With almost 40 inches of rain a year, the weather makes Seattle a breeding ground for fungus to grow on wood in homes. At Home Care Contractors, we have only skilled and experienced contractors on staff and we make client communication our number one priority. Your consultation is free, so give us a call.

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