Unfortunately, you may have noticed that wet areas, such as in the Pacific Northwest, are more prone to developing fungus issues within older wood buildings. Moisture is the enemy of wood in homes and is usually the culprit when it comes to dry rot. Mixed with the warm weather, wood becomes a lush breeding ground for fungus, particularly in areas such as Seattle WA. 

From inside to outside, from the front porch to the back deck, all Seattle WA homeowners should make it their project to regularly check their property for dry rot. An outbreak of dry rot must be contained immediately to protect the structure of the home and prevent the further spreading of the fungus. Catching it early may also mean replacing a board or two rather than doing a major construction job.

Signs of Dry Rot

While it is best to call an expert in Seattle WA to do a professional analysis of your home and the necessary repair service, there are some classic signs that can alert you to a dry rot problem in your home.


One of the tell-tale signs when walking into a house with a dry rot problem is a characteristic musty, damp smell of wood rot. This does also indicate, however, how advanced the problem is. If the wood in your home in the Seattle WA area shows this much dry rot, you should request a professional service from experienced professional contractors.


Wood that is being eaten by fungus can appear warped, soft, and spongy to the touch or when stepped on. It can also simply crumble at the touch. If the wood is so dry that it flakes off in cubic-like chunks then it is probably due to fungus within it. If the dry rot is on a back deck then it is usually easier to see it than when it lives within the walls of a home, at least this is so at the beginning. 

However, as it progresses, the fungus that is responsible for dry rot can actually begin to appear underneath the surface of the walls like grey, wiggling, zagging lines. Then these zagging lines can bloom out from the corners of the wall and spread out from there. At this stage, you will also begin to find reddish-orange spore dust. This means that the wood rot has advanced so much that the spores are now traveling through the home in the air. If your Seattle WA home is in this condition, please give us a call immediately so that we may perform some urgently needed professional dry rot repair service.

Is dry rot dangerous?

Though the type of fungus that causes wood rot is not considered toxic, dry rot has been associated with asthma in children and elderly adults when researchers conducted both skin and bronchial tests. This type of mold is very capable of irritating the lung tissues and causing sudden asthma attacks. Fixing a dry rot problem in a Seattle WA home, especially if it’s in the advanced stages, can have a tremendous impact on the health of your family members and the people that come in contact with your home.

The level of danger of dry rot to the structure of the home depends on how advanced the problem is. If you are seeing blooms or pancake-shaped growths in some corners, grey spindles on the walls, are able to detect a strong mushroom-like smell or see spore dust around the floor, then the integrity of the home may be jeopardized. 


Here are some frequently asked questions for you on dry rot and dry rot repair and service:

What is dry rot and why does dry rot appear?

Dry rot is the name used to describe a type of fungus that feeds on wood and damages it. It causes wood to become fragile and crack. The spores of dry rot can be found in many homes in Seattle WA. However, they only turn into a problem when the proper conditions of poor ventilation and humidity are present.

Why are homeowners so afraid of dry rot?

Simply, because dry rot is one of the most dangerous problems any home can face. If dry rot appears and is not treated, it will continue to endlessly degrade all structural and decorative wood elements until their integrity is completely compromised. A quick call to a professional for rot repair can do a lot of good to a home suffering from dry rot.

Is there another unsuspecting source of dry rot?

There is, and you may be surprised to find out that a major hiding place for dry rot is the buildup of condensation in your HVAC system. The danger here is not damage to the aluminum ducts but the fact that the very air blowing through those ducts can be full of the spores of the fungus that causes dry rot and you and your loved ones might be breathing it daily for years, or until the situation is corrected.

Will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover dry rot damage service?

Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover dry rot. It might be a good idea, however, to review your own policy or have a talk with your agent. You may want to get in touch with your dry rot professional and talk to them about a dry rot or wood rot protection plan.

Can dry rot move from wood and affect brickwork?

Yes, it is possible for a dry rot infestation to spread and affect brickwork and many other masonry structures.

Why does dry rot spread?

Dry rot is like a magnet looking for opportunities to spread. If it finds sufficient levels of humidity and moisture in a certain spot it will spread to masonry and wood. Adding another level of worry to homeowners’ concerns regarding dry rot, it also has a tendency to spread in places that cannot be seen, such as under floorboards, behind wall paneling, in basements, or attics.

How is dry rot treated?

To begin with, the source of the moisture will have to be removed. This is what has been allowing the fungus that causes dry rot to germinate. Once that is accomplished, the damaged wood or masonry will have to be either repaired or replaced. To finish the treatment, a certified fungicidal treatment must be applied to any remaining lumber or masonry to make sure that the dry rot problem will not reappear.

Can the damage caused by dry rot be repaired?

Sometimes, when the dry rot has affected wood, it is much easier to just replace it. However, there are cases, such as when you are dealing with an antique piece of furniture which you do not want to discard, it may be worth it to try to repair it. To accomplish this project, start by making sure that the wood is absolutely dry. Slowly and carefully remove as much of the wood that is rotten and soft. Fill the cracks with a wood hardener with the help of a turkey baster. This yields better results than just painting the surface. You may mix the wood hardener with a wood filler and push it deep into the dents. Once the rot repair has had a chance to dry back, you will be able to finish the project by sanding, priming, and painting the furniture.

My roof beams have been compromised due to dry rot, what happens next?

If the dry rot damage is not substantial, the beams might be repaired. They may even be enclosed or clad over, providing the repair project was completely successful and the dry rot is gone. If the damage is substantial, you may be facing a replacement service which can be daunting for many homeowners.

Would it be very expensive to replace beams damaged by dry rot?

Many factors play a role in rot repair and replacement. The cost would depend on whether the beams are just decorative or they are load-bearing. Their size and length also affect the cost as do the accessibility to the beam, its height, and the complexity of the structure with respect to the beam. Call our rote repair service and schedule an appointment to understand the extent of the dry rot damage and the actions that can be taken to correct it.

Can I request a roof inspection to check for dry rot?

Of course, and they are free of charge. Our rot repair experts will inspect all of the roof beams in your home and show you the findings. By studying the detailed images, you will be able to understand what has been damaged and what needs to be done. If you approve the estimate, the project can begin. If you suspect there is dry rot in your roof don’t put off this rot repair service call. You do not want to risk a roof collapse.

Give us a call today if you need dry rot repair!

With almost 40 inches of rain a year, the weather makes Seattle WA a breeding ground for fungus to grow on wood in homes. At Home Care Contractors, we are at your service and are proud of our skilled and experienced contractors on staff and we make client communication and service our number one priority. Your service consultation is free, so give us a call today to request the dry rot repair service you need.