For new home construction, home additions, remodeling, repairs, and other home projects, you need a reliable full service general contractor to get the job done right the first time. Choose the most trusted general contractors in Washington State with Home Care Contractors.

Your home deserves the best in home care, which is something we build into every project we complete. No matter how big or small, we take great pride in all the details that will bring your home together in the exact way you have envisioned to give you that perfect place to live.

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Why Choose Home Care Contractors?

In Bothell, Washington, homeowners and property owners turn to Home Care Contractors (HCC) for a variety of construction and renovation needs. We have been serving Washington for over a decade and making a difference by upholding integrity and honesty in all that we do.

Our mission as general contractors is to provide a wide range of home remodeling, repair, and construction services to help turn your home into everything you have dreamed it would be. There is no job too big or small for us to help you achieve your vision for a home you’ll love for years to come. Contact us today for a free quote!

Our Services

As your full service general contractor, HCC will be there for all your home building, remodeling, and repair needs. We treat every home as if it were our own, honing in on every last detail to ensure we get it right. We also provide an industry-leading two-year warranty on our services.

New Home Building

Choose your location for your new home in Bothell, Washington and HCC will build you a custom home. Filled with the features you want to enrich your life, our design-build construction approach allows the entire process to flow smoothly, creating your ultimate dream home.

Home Additions

Add another room and create more space for your family. With this type of construction, HCC can help you add value to your home. Our skilled team can add another bathroom, bedroom, or even another level to your home.


As a full-service general contractor, Home Care Contractors can take on any large-scale project to change the look of your home. While we only use quality materials, we also keep the costs affordable to you, becoming your partner in making your dream home the reality you’ve always envisioned.

At HCC, our commitment to top-level service and excellence can be seen in every project. We are the most trusted Bothell, Washington full-service general contractor because our projects reflect our high standards. 

Additionally, we offer an array of ways to help with your home, from handyman services to roof repair and just about everything in between. If you’re ready to begin a new home project and don’t know where to start, give us a call today to get a free estimate.

Why Choose a Full Service General Contractor?

When it comes to remodeling projects, you may think you can handle a little DIY work. But even if you’re handy with power tools, the renovations you have in mind may be beyond your experience. You could wind up causing some expensive damage that will cost much more than hiring a full-service general contractor.

General contractors are professionals that supervise the entire remodeling, renovation, or construction project. They get the permits, handle the supply deliveries, and coordinate it all into one fluid motion.

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Projects like these require many integrated parts that involve plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. You’ll wind up saving money and time by hiring HCC to get the job done right, on budget, and on time.

General contractors in Washington State like HCC, also have cemented relationships with subcontractors and supplies. This means we’re able to secure the materials needed for every project while keeping costs down without ever having to sacrifice quality.

With Home Care Contractors, you’ll have full peace of mind that the projects you request will be completed according to code. Everything will be handled in a professional manner which in turn, means your home will improve in value by having licensed and insured teams on your project.

Most of all though, HCC believes in doing things right the first time around. With our decades of experience, we know how to handle any project for your home. In the event that we have made a mistake, we offer our own two-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction for a job well done every time. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Why General Contractors May Be Necessary

For a quick fix, you might not need the services general contractors provide. As an example, almost everyone can change a showerhead on their own. However, bathroom remodeling and renovations will require the expertise that only general contractors have built up through the years.

At HCC, we have over a decade of experience in construction, remodeling, renovations, and home projects. We have completed our fair share of complex projects with impeccable results.

When you think about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or you want to add more space to your home, general contractors are necessary. They coordinate with plumbing, electricity, and tiling experts to make the process seamless and efficient.

General contractors and Home Care Contractors also know when construction projects require permits and secure the proper ones in advance. In the state of Washington, we’re experienced with the local codes and regulations, allowing us to get the project done on the promised timeline. With the wrong permits and coding, it can put you in a serious legal position. Choose HCC to confidently and correctly get any home construction or project done.

What Is the Difference Between a Construction Company and General Contractors?

Construction companies will handle the building of your home from the foundation and framing on up to the roof. With general contractors, you get a team that orchestrates and manages it all. Whether you’re building a new home construction or you’re remodeling your interior, general contractors with HCC can help smooth out the entire process, ensuring you’ll love the end result.

General contractors focus on the entire project as a whole from the start. They manage the entire project with efficiency and choose the most reliable experts in their respective fields. By having your home projects completed in this way, you will have one go-to person who oversees it all. With HCC, our general contractors will always be accessible and in touch. We won’t keep you guessing about your project’s completion or throw in hidden fees.

The duties of general contractors include providing you with a complete cost estimate for the construction of your home or detailed costs for your home project. With HCC, we won’t begin the project until you are aware of all these details. After that, the general contractors get to work hiring subcontractors and obtaining all necessary permits.

Scheduling will begin soon after that, as every project involved in the building or remodeling of your home is integrated. Home Care Contractors will then monitor the quality throughout the entire process, all while reporting to you to keep you up to date.

In Bothell, Washington, choose Home Care Contractors for your building, home addition, and remodeling needs. We have over 10 years of experience in efficient project management, plus strong ties with the most reliable and talented subcontractors to bring your visions for your home to life.

When choosing general contractors, you should always look at references at completed projects. We’ll be happy to show you our previous work and let you make the best choice for your project. With 5-star ratings, we have many happy homeowners that are now enjoying the results we’ve provided in their homes.

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When you need the services of general contractors, don’t leave anything up to chance. Go with the proven name in the industry, Home Care Contractors. We’re the general contractors you can trust to be at your service for building or upgrading any residential or commercial property.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing someone that cuts corners. At HCC, we believe in doing everything the right way and only choose experienced teams that have the same line of thinking. Let us take your home project from concept to completion and give you a place to call home that you will cherish for years to come.

Our staunch roots in honesty and integrity mean that we will treat your home with the same care as we treat our own. We want you to truly love what we create for you and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, both in service and quality, every time.

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