Siding is an essential part of your home’s exterior. It helps protect your investment from adverse elements like snow, rain, hail, and wind. Siding can also play a critical role in your home’s security. It can also enhance your house’s curb appeal.

If you are in the market to sell your home, newly installed siding can also increase the value of your property and restore years of wear-and-tear. If your home’s exterior is starting to look a bit ragged after years of rough storms, harsh winters, or hot summers, it could be a good idea to enhance your home’s curb appeal while making it more energy-efficient.

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Why Is Siding Important?

Siding protects your home by keeping your interior dry and pest-free. It provides a moisture barrier and protects you from water damage. Water intrusion can speed up the deterioration of your home and damage the foundation. Without treatment, it can cause severe mold and mildew issues.

Just as important, siding protects you from unwanted pests, making your home more insect-proof.

Additionally, siding can help your home’s overall energy performance, which enables you to stay energy-efficient. This allows you to avoid heat loss to keep you and your family comfortable during any weather.

Finally, siding looks attractive. You can give your home a brand-new look just by repairing or installing the siding around your home.

Siding Installation

Many homeowners may choose to install their own siding to stay within budget. However, there is a risk that the siding is improperly installed, which can damage the home over time. Homeowners can also injure themselves if they are unsure how to handle power tools or work on high ladders.

When to Replace or Repair Your Siding

Good siding should last you eight to ten years. Your house may be in need of complete siding replacement or Seattle siding repair.

Discoloration and Fading

Often, these are signs of prolonged exposure to UV. With vinyl siding, this can lead to cracking or breaking. Wood siding can be repainted, but signs of aging will still come through and indicate that it is time for replacement or repair. If you find that you are frequently repairing your siding because it is chipping or peeling, consider high-quality siding repairs.

Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher than they should be? Do you notice drafts or unusual hot areas inside your home? If so, then your siding may not be insulating as it should be. Hire professional siding contractors if you notice a spike in your heating or cooling.

Mold or Moss

Plant growth doesn’t just look unappealing. It can be a sign that your siding has trapped some moisture, which indicates future problems.

Water Damage

Your siding is essential in protecting your valuables from outside elements, like water. If rainwater has started to seep into your house, it can damage the foundation and drywall that insulates your home. Call Home Care Contractors right away if you notice moisture intrusion on your siding, you may need siding repair ASAP.

Warping or Bubbling

These are both telltale signs that moisture is trapped beneath the siding or that the siding is reacting to extreme heat. An excellent way to determine if there is any dry rot is by looking under the warped siding.

Damage From Insects

Weather isn’t the only thing we need to be concerned about. Homeowners should inspect their siding for signs of wildlife damage from termites, insects, birds, or squirrels.

Types of Siding

Depending on your installation and material quality, your siding could last for over 20 years, making this a considerable home improvement investment.

Eventually, you will need a Seattle siding repair service to protect your home’s interior, foundation, and curb appeal. If your house needs siding repairs in Seattle, call our friendly contractors right away. We are happy to provide a siding repair estimate so you can make an informed decision.

Wood Siding

Wood siding, while attractive, can be easily damaged by hail, pressure washing, termites, and more. Additionally, dry rot and water damage can set in over time. If there is a dent in your siding, siding repair could involve spackle, primer, and repainting. However, if rot has occurred, those rows will have to be replaced. Replacing all of the siding may not be necessary if only a few rows are affected.

Vinyl Siding

Homeowners find vinyl siding an attractive alternative to wood. It doesn’t require frequent painting or even much maintenance beyond occasional cleaning. However, it is more brittle and can crack easier. If this happens, there are few options for repair. The entire board will likely need to be replaced. Thankfully, if the remaining siding is in good shape, you can easily replace the affected areas.

Slate Siding

If you have an older house, the siding may likely be slate or asbestos. This type of siding can last for a long time but is very challenging to remove unless you are a professional.

Aluminum Siding

Just like vinyl siding, if there are any cracks or breaks, it’s easier to replace just the damaged boards. Small holes can be repaired using a caulk.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a popular option for homeowners because it is flame-resistant, durable, insect-resistant, and attractive. Replacing the boards is easy to do, so homeowners can replace a few damaged boards if necessary.

Try to Repair Siding Before Replacing

Depending on the condition of your siding, it’s likely that you can repair it before it needs to be replaced. When it is necessary to replace siding, often you only need to focus on damaged boards and not the whole house.

However, if rot has advanced enough to spread through the entire exterior, it may be necessary to replace the entire siding.

Siding and Window Replacement

We recommend replacing both the siding and windows at the same time to reduce the risk of damage to either.

Plus, it saves you time in the long run! If you need to replace older windows eventually, consider doing them at the same time as a complete siding replacement.

The Benefits of Wood Siding

Real wood siding has many different styles and shades, allowing homeowners to design their homes to their desire. Some woods, like redwood and cedar, are decay-resistant. A big appeal is that wood can be easily installed and is readily available.

Wood siding can also be easily replaced if it is damaged. When picking a siding, it’s good to look for material that is not difficult to remove and can be done efficiently.

Finally, real wood looks attractive and is environmentally friendly since it is biodegradable. It is easy to paint and can be stained any color you desire.

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