A new home construction project is excellent for improving the energy efficiency of your home. It also is convenient for renovating parts of your home that are outdated or falling apart. You have to set realistic expectations when starting your renovation project. With the help of general contractors, you can get guidance on how to start your remodeling or renovation project from start to finish. Strong communication between you and a contractor team can create a successful result. 

Work with a great group of industry experts who can fulfill your remodeling needs. They can identify and resolve construction issues that come with old deteriorating structures. Contact Home Care Contractors today to receive a consultation.


How General Contractors Compare to DIY 

You might think DIY home construction will save you money, but there are a lot of aspects to a renovation project that you need to consider. Depending on the scope of your project, it may not be worth it to remodel your home by yourself. 

Should You Consider DIY?

A large remodeling project requires an entirely different level of planning compared to a small renovation. You might be renovating just a bathroom or a sink that requires the removal of a sink, tub, or toilet. However, when you are renovating the entire bathroom or all the bathrooms in your house, a team could help. Plumbing is probably not something you are licensed in, nor are you familiar with some of to larger projects that require skills that may be beyond you. 

How Much Time is On Your Hands?

If you are retired, you might have the time to invest in a DIY project as big as a house-wide remodeling project. However, most people are busy with work, family, and other obligations. It is much easier to hire a proactive team who willfully commit their talents to your project. Your time is valuable, and the amount of effort you spend toiling on a large and burdensome project may not be worth it. 

How Much Experience Do You Have in Construction?

Not everyone has handyman skills, but if you’re fortunate to have skills in construction, it may be useful for smaller projects. For example, replacing windows or a new door may not be impossible. Remodeling requires a variety of specialists, which may need you to work with subcontractors. No one is an expert in everything, which means calling upon plumbers, electricians, roofers, and more. You can avoid making simple errors by using the wisdom of industry experts.

Can You Handle Remodeling and Renovation Project Management?

You most likely will have to work with several subcontractors and suppliers to complete your remodeling project. Managing a large renovation project can require a lot of micro-managing, as you go between different companies while trying to organize the work you need to be done. It’s a lot of details that you have to juggle, and miscommunication can happen. You also have to investigate and vet each of the subcontractors you work with to make sure they are reputable companies. After that, you can sign a contract between you and the other party to fulfill a formal agreement. You will also have to source your suppliers and make sure their materials are high quality. All of this requires a lot of time and research to be sure you’re working with trustworthy companies. 

Do You Have Insurance Binders for the Subcontractors?

You have to make sure the subcontractors you work with are licensed, bonded, and insured before they work on your property. If a worker gets injured on your property, they cannot sue if their company has commercial insurance. Otherwise, you’ll need to have an insurance binder. This is a temporary form of insurance that lasts a short time but provides liability for you. The insurance binder will provide you coverage and pay for any damages they have, which you can pay back later.  

Why General Contractors May Be Necessary

When you get started on your remodeling project, it can be impossible to complete it within a feasible timeline by yourself. A reliable construction team can make sure your remodeling goals are reached.


General Contractors Have the Technical Speciality

General contractors have essential education, and they have a multitude of experiences in different areas of construction. They are employed based on their skills and tasked with projects that are dependent on past proven work. A contracting company has a wide array of workers with backgrounds in different specialties. They hire subcontractors that they know will provide good results for areas they aren’t that knowledgeable about. 

Contractors Meet Licensing Requirements and are Insured

Not only do contractors you hire have practical experience, but they also meet the local licensing requirements. This is an official certification that allows a contractor to do business in your state. You will want to work with an insured business that has a commercial liability that covers personal injuries and other accidents. 

They Know all Local Building Codes

Contractors are well versed in the building codes required for the local area. This is different for every state, and that means that they have to know in-depth what your city demands. All construction projects are affected by what is required by the local building inspection department. This is because there are planning and zoning requirements, permits, and construction standards that are necessary. This helps keep your construction safe when it’s in compliance with the law.

Work with Local Building Inspectors

After your home has been remodeled, your general contractor will work with local building inspectors to be sure everything meets legal standards. They will inspect the electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. Also, they make sure that the buildings are compliant with the construction. Your construction company may do a final walk-through to be sure the home is safe, but it will require an official inspector to approve it before the job is finalized. 

Prior Investigation and Vetting of Specialty Subcontractors 

You probably won’t know what to expect when you first research subcontractors for specialty work. A general contractor will evaluate the past and current performance of the subcontractor to be sure they are capable of the job they are hired for. They check the accreditations, licenses, references, and other evidence of the subcontractor’s work. They may look at the previous customer base to see what kind of jobs they previously handled, as well as any public data. If there are unresolved disputes, complaints, and any kind of fraud, they won’t work with that subcontractor. Your contractor may also review their backlog of work. Because subcontractors are often busy, a large backlog may mean they are not dependable enough for the role. Some subcontractors are not a good fit if the project is too small or large for them. Another item to consider is the financial health of the subcontractor. If they are financially strapped or unable to purchase the necessary materials, they may not be able to maintain the required level of work. The safety practices of the subcontractor will also come under investigation. Your contractor won’t let them work using unsafe approaches. This includes verifying whether their quality control process is dependable.  

Contractors are Responsible for All Aspects of the Project

When you work with a contractor, they will manage all the communication between different subcontractors and suppliers. You will be updated on different construction phases but won’t have to interact with all the other parties. This keeps you in tune with your remodeling project but also not overwhelmed with all the technical details. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can let your contractor know and negotiate the changes. 

Better Pricing on Installation and Product Sourcing

General contractors may be saving you money in comparison to a DIY approach. This is because general contractors get the job done correctly and can perform complex design techniques. You might think you’re saving money by getting your own supplies and doing the project yourself. However, the risk of making a mistake may require you to redo the work and buy more materials. It depends on the scale of the work. For smaller projects, such as painting a room, this won’t need the help of experts. 

On the other hand, installing new flooring will be about the same cost when compared between a DIY or a professional installation. You should consider the price of materials and the length of time you expect the project to be completed. A team can save you money and time. They also know where to find the most affordable materials. Contractors know what’s popular and trendy on the market. They can tell the difference between quality and cheap materials. Your contractor can help you pick materials and get great economic value. 

Get Help From A Committed Team

You can ask a local general contractor in Bellevue, WA, additional questions to find out more information. General contractors can help direct you on each stage of your remodeling project. If you need ideas on how to redo parts of your home, designers can tell you what you can do with different areas of your home to help jump-start your vision. Work with a knowledgeable team that has a proven history of construction projects and reliable experience. To learn more, contact Home Care Contractors now for a consultation.