Whether due to a broken pipe or severe weather, floods can cause structural damage in homes and buildings. Over time and without treatment, your walls and ceilings may feel spongy when you touch them due to water breaking down drywall and wood. If your home or commercial property has suffered flood or water damage, you must start restoration work within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold and cracks in your roof or foundation. If you have recently had a flood in your home, call Home Care Contractors today. Be sure to tell us if you notice any of the following:

  • Loose or buckling floors
  • Dark or wet spots on your walls or ceiling
  • Roof or foundation cracks
  • Wet flooring
  • Mold and mildew growth

Home Care Contractors is a family-owned and operated company that provides the following restoration services to Seattle commercial and residential property owners:

  • Water removal and extraction
  • Water and flood damage restoration 
  • Burst pipe repairs
  • Electrical, fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Sewage cleanup and restoration
  • Emergency response to sewage backup 
  • Septic tank repairs and cleanup 
  • Mold removal and restoration
  • Overflowing toilet repair and restoration
Leaking Pipe

Signs Of Water Damage

Not all water damage is visible, because leaks can occur in hidden places in your home. However, there are ways for you to detect damage after a flood, leak or hot water heater burst. Some types of water damage show up immediately. Within the first hour of a leak you may notice your drywall is bulging and breaking. After 24 hours, your furniture could swell or crack, and any metal surfaces in contact with the water may tarnish. Other early warning signs of water damage on your property include peeling or bubbles behind your paint and wallpaper. 

Look At Your Walls

Paint begins to bubble and peel in excess humidity or when in contact with water. If your walls are discolored, or feel damp or cracked, it could indicate water is leaking through.

Rotting Wood

Wood is prone to breaking down after absorbing water. Check wood furniture, flooring and fixtures for water damage.

The Sounds of Water 

Water leaks can make different sounds. Splashing, gurgling or sounds similar to running water indicate there may be a break in a pipe causing leaking water. You may hear a hissing or whooshing sound when the pressure is reduced after the water has splashed out. The sound of water dripping is another telltale sign.

An Unpleasant Smell

Mold thrives in environments where there is excess humidity. If you smell something rotten or must, the offensive odor may be due to fungus growing in the walls and floors aided by the excess water.

How long does it take for water damage to go away?

The answer to this depends on what happened and the extent of damage in your home. Home Care Contractors offers an estimate on how long we think it will take to restore your home after a flood or water damage. We offer 24 hour emergency service, seven days a week. 

In general, water damage in a Seattle home takes about two to five days to dry. You also need to consider the source of the water damage and how long it will take to fix the issue. If we need to renovate your home by replacing drywall and plumbing fixtures to prevent further emergencies, it will add time to your project. We can handle the restoration of your entire home if necessary, so give us a call today.

Can you fix water damage?

Once the area is dry and the damaged materials have been removed, we conduct an inspection to determine if there are any other hidden areas that require restoration. This could include under floorboards and other hard-to-access areas. We disinfect the area to eliminate bacteria and mold, so they do not grow and cause problems later. Damaged flooring, carpeting, walls and other porous materials must be removed and replaced. Internal plumbing components may also need replaced if the damage was due to a burst pipe.

Home Care Contractors can fix your home in almost all cases. When you need to trust a company to restore your home to the way it looked before the damage, then call us. We will be happy to take the stress off your shoulders and help you get back to living comfortably in your home again.

What should I do immediately after water damage?

There are some things you can do while waiting for a restoration company to arrive. If the leak is small enough, begin scooping excess water into a bucket and dumping it away from your home so it does not reenter the space. If your drains are not the cause of the flooding, you can dump water down the drains. Try using a mop and bucket to soak up the additional water.

Next, try to dry the affected area as much as possible. You may be able to set up fans in the affected area to dry wet floors, walls and furniture. For extensive damage, we may need to use industrial-strength fans to dry the area completely before continuing work.

Trusted Seattle Water Damage Repair and Restoration Company

If you need emergency water damage restoration services after a flood, you can rely on Home Care Contractors, a trusted water damage restoration company. We offer sewage cleanup, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, emergency services and water damage repair and restoration. We work with your insurance company to handle and provide you professional restoration services in Seattle. 

Plumbing Pipe Fixing

Help With Your Insurance Company

On top of dealing with needing professional restoration, you may need to work with the insurance company, which adds stress to an already stressful situation. Each policy is different, so you need to carefully read yours to determine what is covered and what is not. We can also answer your questions and concerns and offer you assistance in filing your insurance claim.

Our tradesmen have been in the industry for an average of 10 years each, and each is a master of their individual trade. You can find our five-star Google and Yelp ratings online, in addition to our top rating by Home Advisor. Our company offers roofing services, electrical services, plumbing services, tile and stone flooring, design, deck repair and renovation services in addition to restoration. This means instead of having to hire different contractors to restore your home from top to bottom, you can work with one company. 

We Strive For 100% Customer Satisfaction

We want to stand out as the premier company in Seattle for water damage repair and restoration. To reach our goal, we provide timely emergency response services within 24 hours. Each of our tradesmen have been in the industry for an average of 10 years and is a master of the plumbing and renovation trades. 

Call us today at 206-984-8013 to request your free quote. If you have suffered property damage and need immediate repairs, or have decided to remodel or upgrade during the repair process, then call Home Care Contractors now.

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