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Home Care Contractors (HCC) has been serving commercial and residential clients in Seattle, WA for decades. As your Seattle general contractors, we are eager and ready to serve you with an array of projects from new construction to kitchen remodels to new office spaces and everything in between.

The tradesmen at Home Care Contractors have been in the industry for an average time of 10 years, and each tradesman is a master of their individual trade, such as:

Whatever your project entails, you will need general contractors in Washington state with a vast knowledge of construction and remodeling. You need a company that works hard for you and values integrity and honesty to deliver the best in the industry. Whether you want to build a building from scratch or remodel an existing structure, call us at 206-984-4543 to request your free quote.

What Is a General Contractor?

Seattle general contractors are responsible for coordinating and supervising a construction or remodeling project, whether you are constructing a new building or doing simple bathroom remodels. They secure the necessary, proper permits for your project; hire subcontractors such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers; create a schedule and work with other team members to make sure that the work is done well, safely, and finished on time. 

General contractors are the glue that holds new construction and remodels together. They are responsible for ensuring that the work is done so that it will not void product warranties or guarantees for their clients. They also must be licensed and have workers’ compensation and liability insurance. 

Like a project manager, they must have a wide knowledge base and have experience in the construction field. If a roof, window, or major appliance is not installed correctly, then the general contractor would affect cost estimates by causing financial losses for the client.

For this reason, you should choose the most reliable in the industry, whether you need house builders for your new Seattle custom home or are commissioning bathroom remodels or kitchen remodels. Going with Home Care Contractors ensures you have the quality craftsmanship, experience, and successful outcomes you deserve for every home project.

What is the Difference Between a General Contractor and a Project Manager?

While a general contractor and a project manager seem similar, they have separate responsibilities. General contractors in Seattle work on the physical construction of each project. Meanwhile, the project manager oversees home builders or remodeling projects. The project manager is also the one that joins in the first meeting with clients and makes sure everything aligns with the agreed-upon timeline and budget.

Essentially, a project manager oversees and coordinates these tasks. They have the ability to identify and tackle potential risks or problems while finding viable solutions to keep the project running smoothly.

At HCC, our Seattle, WA project managers have the extensive knowledge required to handle all aspects of construction services. They will communicate with you from the very beginning of the project and bridge the gap between you, the general contractor, and subcontractors so that your goals are met. 

With our project managers working out all those fine details for your remodeling project or new home, you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan with Home Care Contractors. Our connections in the Seattle area construction industry will create the smoothest possible interactions while delivering the highest quality results. 

Residential Contractors

Are you looking to build your custom home or update your existing home to give you more space, updated appliances, and a better layout? Is there a room you want to remodel or add to your home? Then let Home Care Contractors help you with your next project. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen, basement, and backyard decking construction and remodels

Home remodeling projects can increase the value of your home. They can also turn it into a place you love to live in by improving the efficiency of the layout, upgrading outdated features, and making it feel like the dream home you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to remodel one room or all of them, there are many possibilities that a residential contractor can help bring to life. 

Kitchen remodels can include replacing your flooring, updating your cabinets, and changing the layout of your kitchen to conform to the more flexible “triangle rule” where the sink, refrigerator, and oven form a triangle. Open shelves make a smaller kitchen feel larger, and updating your appliances can improve your cooking and baking experiences. 

As for bathrooms, this space was of little concern to homeowners decades ago. They simply weren’t a big selling point when real estate agents showed homes, but now, homeowners want bigger bathrooms with modern features like double vanities and stylish cabinetry.

A bathroom renovation can vary in cost depending on your bathroom design style and what you want  to complete for the project. Some remodeling items that will affect your cost include plumbing upgrades, light and appliance fixtures, installing new tile or flooring, adding cabinets to optimize the space you’re currently working with, replacing, or expanding countertops.

A plumbing upgrade is any modification that we need to make to an existing plumbing system within your home or commercial building. Some of the more valuable plumbing upgrades to consider for your home or building can include:

Updating your pipes if you live in an older home. Older homes tend to have lead, clay, cast iron, or galvanized pipes, which can affect your water quality and lead to corrosion. 

Installing a low-flow energy efficient toilet can help save your water bill. In addition to low-flow toilets, you could also install low-flow showerheads and faucets.

If you want to expand your bathroom, we can take space from an adjacent room to add a shower or tub or larger countertop to an existing, small bathroom. If you have the space and are currently living in a home with one bathroom, adding a full luxury bathroom to the master suite is one of the more profitable upgrades you can make for your home. 

If a full bathroom is not an option, a half bath that has a sink and toilet can reduce wait time and create functionality in a small space. We use a crew of knowledgeable and experienced plumbers and electricians to complete your dream bathroom down to the last details. We hope to build long term relationships with our customers, so your project is of utmost importance to us.

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Commercial Construction

Seattle is a great place to do business. It is the home of some of the most globally recognized companies as well as small businesses and research facilities. No matter the type of company you have, you can expand existing property or build a brand new structure in a new location with Home Care Contractors.

Our general contractors hold anyone they hire to the highest standard in order to create a foundation of trust for all potential clients as we continue to build long-term relationships with repeat clients. 

No matter the age of the building you own, there are thousands of opportunities for it to fail. Our general contractors are here to help you keep your valuable investments secure. If you have a compromised building envelope, our knowledgeable and experienced engineers can provide you with a comprehensive plan to restore your assets to envelope integrity. 

If your real estate has experienced a significant degradation of structural integrity, our general contractors are equipped to handle the shoring, restoration, and repair of these major structural elements.

If your commercial property includes tenant-occupied buildings, our general contractors and expert craftsmen can improve your rentals, bringing value to any commercial improvements made. We take pride in the work we do and want you to feel that same pride in your commercial properties after we have completed the job.

Our professional general contractors will help you meet your business goals by improving the appearance of your business, helping you with energy efficiency, and even improving employee productivity. Through our commercial building teams, our commercial clients have soared to success. Collaborate with us today to engineer the best possibilities for your commercial construction.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Areas in Washington Do You Serve?

Home Care Contractors serves the following areas in Washington: Seattle, Snohomish County, Redmond, Bellevue, Lake Forest, Kirkland, and Bothell.

Are You Able to Help Me in Determining if My Home Is Worth Doing a Remodel?

Our general contractors are more than happy to work with potential clients in determining whether a remodel is beneficial and worth the investment. We will begin this process by sending one of our project managers to visit your home for a full assessment. After that, we will prepare an assessment report that will include the following:

  • Your property’s potential 
  • Cost estimates; and
  • Order of Magnitude 

Contact us for more information on home assessments.

I Am Excited About The Remodel Ideas I Have But I Am Unsure Where To Start. How Do I Even Begin?

Considering a remodel is always exciting! Home Care Contractors is happy to speak with you over the phone to give you advice and information about general construction costs, which will help you begin creating a budget for your remodeling goals. If you need design help we can help you with that as well. If you have already worked through these details and are ready to hire a general contractor in Seattle, we can schedule a visit to your home or commercial building to examine the current conditions and discuss what remodeling projects you have in mind.

What Can I Expect to Pay When Doing a Remodel?

A Seattle, Washington remodel can vary and cost significantly based on the scope of the project. Some of the factors that can affect the final cost of a remodel include the following:

  • Size of the room(s) or building
  • Structural and engineering requirements
  • The type of remodeling project
  • Finish choices
  • Any additional extras 

Can You Help if I Haven’t Hired an Architect or Designer?

With Home Care Contractors, you won’t need a separate architect! Through the design-build model we are your single point of contact throughout your build. This means you will not have to deal with different builders, architects, suppliers, or subcontractors. Our team works together to get the results you desire. Our team would be happy to guide you through your remodel project from beginning to end.

Are There Any Cheap Projects I Can Do to Help My Home or Commercial Building?

There are plenty of projects you can have your general contractor do that will be an upgrade for your home. 

Insulating any pipes can help prevent energy loss. Without proper insulation, pipes that are in the basement can release heat, raising your heating cost tremendously. This very simple project involves wrapping exposed pipes with pipe sleeves and wraps.

When discussing your home remodel with your contractor, you might want to discuss the possibility of a dedicated laundry room. With the space, you can install a washer and dryer, keeping them out of the main living area. By using stackable washers and dryers, you can save more space if you’re working with a smaller footprint.

If your home renovation includes a kitchen remodel, installing a dishwasher is a modern convenience that many homeowners appreciate. This appliance addition adds appeal to future buyers.

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Is Remodeling as Stressful as I Hear it is? What do Your General Contractors do to Limit the Stress?

Any stress related to remodeling is almost entirely caused by unclear expectations. Our team works to limit the stress by having a mapped-out remodeling process that is as precise as possible. Our team meets weekly with an updated schedule, fresh reports, and careful documentation that helps keep all expectations up-to-date and clear. As a general contractor, it is our job to keep you excited about your remodeling project’s progress while helping you to feel in control throughout the whole process.

Is There a Way To Ensure We Don’t Design Something That We Cannot Afford?

The last thing we want is for our clients to work with us to build a gorgeous set of plans that they cannot afford to build in the end. It is important to us that you work carefully through your budget before we discuss design options with you. By knowing what your budget is, our general contractors can work up a plan to include all your remodel desires to give you options for materials and products. 

What Services Do Home Care Contractors and Construction Management Provide?

Home care contractors is a full-service company offering everything from new home building to home additions to remodeling. Our remodeling services include kitchen remodeling, flooring, roofing, tile and stonework, water damage restoration, bathroom remodeling, rot repair and much more.

Call Our Construction Team at Home Care Contractors Today

Home Care Contractors wants to be your go-to construction, renovation, and repair company in Seattle, WA. Our general contracting company has one ultimate goal: to give you the best experience possible throughout every step of your project.

Whether you are looking for a new home build, bathroom remodel, electrical work, or other services, with our diverse portfolio we always keep our prices competitive with other contractors in the Seattle, WA and Pacific Northwest area. We invite you to compare to ensure you’re getting the best possible quality and prices that fit your budget.

However, we also offer a 12-month written warranty on our work. This warranty guards you against defects and poor workmanship. You won’t find this anywhere else in the industry, and it is a testament to our stringent policies to pay attention to every last detail on every project we complete. 

In the rare event that your home is among the small percentage of jobs with defective work found within 12 months, our Service Center will send someone out for an assessment. They will see what needs to be redone and have it fixed immediately. Our Customer Service Center can be reached at  425-239-7575.

To find out how HCC can best serve you for your project needs and environmental responsibility, call us today at 206-984-4543. We’re happy to provide a free estimate so you can compare us with other Seattle area general contractors. Please view our portfolio on our website to see the great level of detail and care we take when working on other projects in the area or use it to get ideas for your project. Our general contracting firm would love to work with you and show you why we’re the contractors that care at Home Care Contractors!