If you are moving into a new home, want to renovate your home or have noticed signs you need to replace your windows right away, Home Care Contractors can provide you affordable, high-quality options. 

Your windows make your home look more elegant, and can allow sunlight to brighten up your home. Expansive windows can leak golden rays of sun in the morning, or the vibrant colors of the sunset. Homeowners want their windows to be energy efficient and secure against the elements and theft. If you want to replace your windows for aesthetic or security reasons, regardless of what your budget is, you can achieve the look of your dreams. 

Windows After Installation

How much does it cost to have a window installed?

Professional window replacement can be expensive, many homeowners say. This is because window replacement glass must be custom cut to fit the window frame. Also, the window installation process is labor-intensive. Every home has different window styles, sizes and shapes, so each window must be manufactured to specific dimensions. If the measurements are not precise, it increases the scope of the work and the costs. You can save money by hiring a professional. The team at Home Care Contractors is detailed and experienced, so our customers are happy with the final result.

Home Care Contractors installs windows, main entry and patio doors and energy efficient windows that can reduce noise pollution and provide increased insulation. If you want to replace or build a new entry door for your home, then Home Care Contractors can offer you different styles and materials such as fiberglass, steel and wood. You may be eligible to receive a tax credit on your replacement windows in Seattle.

Is Home Depot a good place to get windows installed?

Home Care Contractors is a locally owned business, not a large corporation headquartered out of state. We understand the weather and environmental risks here in Seattle. We also provide a free estimate before your new window installation and provide you with options as if we were installing new windows in our own home.  

Home Depot is a great place to buy many supplies for do-it-yourself projects, but the installation process should be entrusted with a professional window and door professional. This is not something you should attempt yourself. Avoid buying window and door products from a retail home improvement store without talking to a seasoned professional who understands the products and has visited your home. Many companies try to cut corners or hire subcontractors, who may not have the level of care and precision you expect. 

You should never do your own window installation because you may end up with security issues, future problems that are costly to repair, and you may not have the required building codes for your residential property. You also reduce energy efficiency when you have a window that is not fitted specifically for your home.

Who is the most affordable window replacement company?

Home Care Contractors is a family-owned company in Seattle you can trust. We want to be your go-to company for all your home repairs and renovations, so we never compromise on quality. We also give you the added protection of liability insurance and a 12-month written warranty that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. 

Our tradesmen have been in the industry for an average of 10 years and each is a master of their individual trade. We do our work with integrity, so it is done correctly the first time. If you happen to be among the small percentage of window replacement projects that are defective within 12 months, then call our Service Center at 425-239-7579, so we can have a professional come out and assess the work that needs redone.

How much does it cost to replace a full house of windows?

The cost of a window replacement depends on the type of material being used for the project and the type, size and shape of the window or door. Wood and vinyl are the two most popular types of materials used for replacement windows, but other common materials include fiberglass, aluminum-composite and plastic. Glass, vinyl and aluminum are cost-effective choices for storm doors and sliding doors, but sometimes are not the best for an entry door. Some window replacements cost as much as $25,000, and some cost as little as $2,000. We can provide you with an estimate based on different options available.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most common replacement material in most modern homes. They are effective at keeping in heat during the winter and cool air during the summer, reducing your energy costs. They are highly resistant to scratches and do not age as quickly as other replacement windows. They also do not rust or corrode. In comparison to wood, they are much more affordable. On average, vinyl windows cost about $400 per window, with a range between $250 and $600 per window. 

Wood Windows

Wood may be the most expensive material, but its superior quality and gorgeous aesthetics makes it an excellent choice. It is hard to resist the warmth and elegance of natural wood that looks great in traditional homes and cabins. As a poor conductor of heat, wood provides great insulation which can help you save on energy costs throughout the entire time you live in your home. They are long lasting windows with proper care, and resistant to corrosion and rust. On average, wood windows cost about $930 each, with a range between $600 and $1,300 per window.

Safety Mechanisms And Design

Safety and security is on everyone’s mind when installing patio doors. We install high-quality door frames made of tough material that is hard to break through. This provides an extra level of security for your home. Another way we help you protect your home is installing a three-point door locking system with a deadbolt on the top and bottom of your doors. Another solution to a vulnerability is security studs and hinges that open outward. Exterior doors that open outward have exposed hinges, meaningpins and hinges can be easily removed. Securing the hinges is important to prevent burglars from taking the hinges off and entering your home.

House After Window Install

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