Is a Home Addition in Seattle WA the Right Project For You?

People typically make the decision to opt for a new home addition project in Seattle WA for one of two reasons. Either they need more space or would like to add great value to their home. In most cases, the homeowner would like to enhance the visual appeal of the homes they love. If you are only interested in adding space, you need to have a working understanding of the different types of professional home additions in Seattle WA. If you would like to increase the value of your home, it is important to get good materials and work with a skilled remodeling contractor in all areas. Ensure that you connect with a reputable professional contractor to start working on your next home addition project.

Different Types of Home Additions

The type of new home addition that you choose will depend on your needs and location. That could include an additional bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, a family room, rooms your children would love, a second story, etc. At Home Care Contractors we are one of the rare companies that offer full-scale home addition services in Seattle WA. In addition to the type of room that you choose, how you choose to attach the extra room will affect your overall home addition costs as well as your resale value. It is considerably more cost-effective to build on top of your existing foundation. This work may not be possible in some instances. Furthermore, you can add additional floors or opt for a disconnected addition like “in-law” rooms or a guest house. While it is likely that your home addition in Seattle will have a positive effect on the value of your house, there are certain renovations that do not offer that much of an ROI.

Making Home Addition Design Plans

When making home addition plans, collect as much information as possible before the project begins. Listed below are some of the more important related questions that all homeowners planning an addition should consider.

  1. What home addition costs have I budgeted for?
  2. Will this project make for a great return on investment?
  3. What are the building restrictions in my location?
  4. Should I just remodel a room I already have or build an addition?
  5. Should I build outwards or add another story?

An experienced contractor with a positive review history can help you get the answers to all of the above questions. While there are plenty of other preparatory steps that can be taken, do not start until you have the answer to all of the questions listed above. This will avoid any potential delays to your project as well as help you to stay in line with your budget.

Budgeting For Home Addition Costs

Before you begin budgeting for your construction project, it is wise to consider all of the factors that can contribute to the cost of your home addition in Seattle. Some of those factors include the size of the areas you want to remodel or add, the types of new materials used as well as additional repair work for the space. It is important to get an exact measurement of the square footage desired. Once this is accomplished, a reputable contractor can help you with choosing the right materials and type of construction. Get a consultation from the home addition experts at Home Care Contractors so we can help you with your project and construction design as well as when planning for home addition costs. All rights reserved.


In general, these are the best additions in terms of ROI:
Master suite addition – 63%
Bathroom addition – 53%
Sunroom addition – 49%
Family room with master suite upstairs – 65%

The easiest way to reduce costs when planning an addition is to use existing space. Consider adding the extra bedroom in the attic or using the basement for a family room. Another way could be to reconfigure existing areas.

Almost all municipalities have rules in place regarding what you can build and where. In most cases, you are not allowed to build anything within 20 feet of the curb. If your home is next to a wetland, find out how close you can build to it. There may also be restrictions as to how tall your addition can be. Check these restrictions out before starting on your project for a new floor, a second story, kitchen or bathroom design.

This is where the knowledge and expertise of Home Care Contractors come into play. Our team of contractors knows how to take advantage of all elements available today. Using the right exterior materials, making sure the roofline connects in an attractive way while creating a space that will offer the most comfort to your family, our construction experts can get you the addition of your dreams.

Besides setting a realistic budget for your floor design, you should consider the fact that by increasing the size of your home your energy bills might also go up. Also, your property taxes may increase, depending on the size and type of addition you want.

If using an existing space for your master bedroom is not an option, letting your imagination fly regarding a master bedroom addition can be quite costly. Make a list to determine what features you need. Do you want a space to unwind or is a large closet more important? Is a king-sized bed a must? With this information, create a sketch. Work on a realistic budget and add to it a 15% contingency fund. And, if you can afford it, go for it. Remember, creating a master bedroom is much less stressful than selling your home, buying a new one, and moving.

These days, there is no limit to the materials available to create the most beautiful homes. Starting at the bottom, decide whether you want hardwood, laminate, carpet, or tile. Then, select the baseboard trim you like. When it comes to the walls, decide whether you want crown molding and whether you want to paint or wallpaper. Your ceiling could also be a point of interest if you add some interesting features such as a coffered ceiling. Don’t forget the lighting. A dark room can take away from all the nice design.

Finding a Contractor for Your Home Addition in Seattle

Finding the right contractor is the first step to successful home additions in Seattle. It is recommended to reach out to friends and/or family and ask for a referral from them. If they are not connected to a reputable contractor or know of no one they can highly recommend, the next step is to conduct your own independent research on home additions, remodeling, and design. Look for companies with high ratings for project design, construction, and remodel, as well as examples of their past work. It’s best to schedule two to three estimates. Choose your contractor based on their experience, level of professional customer service as well as product selection. Whether you are adding to an existing structure or erecting a new space on your property, it will require the expertise of a seasoned building contractor. At Home Care Contractors, all of our contractors have at least 10 years of experience. Whether you are considering your next kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or room addition you need, give us a call to schedule your free home addition estimate today. Let us suggest the best bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, bedroom addition, or a den that your whole family will enjoy according to your location, space, and construction budget.

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