A total home renovation or even just a single room remodel is a project that can make a home seem brand new no matter how long the family has been living there. However, like all construction projects, it can be big and complicated, but if you have the right general contractor in charge, then you don’t have to worry about the scale or complexity of the project. That is because a good contractor will manage the renovation or remodeling project in an efficient way that prioritizes the needs of the homeowner. And that is exactly what we do at Home Care Contractors.

We are a general contracting company that offers high-quality service to homeowners in Kirkland, WA, Seattle, and all over Washington State. Whether it is repair work, a room remodel, home additions, or even new construction, we do it all. And we do it in a way that is affordable, efficient, and safe. Our general contractors always pay attention to the needs of the homeowners and will always make their desire the top priority of the team. We have been helping the people of Kirkland, WA with their home and room remodel projects for a decade and we would be glad to do the same for you. So please contact us when you are ready to start any projects to improve your home.


The Residential Services We Provide in Kirkland, WA

It would actually be easier to list a residential service that we don’t provide (it would be a very short list) but to help you get started, we’ll list some of the more popular general contracting services we provide for homeowners in Kirkland, Seattle, and the rest of Washington. 

Home Remodel and Renovation

These terms are often used interchangeably but any contractor can tell you that they are actually different from each other. A renovation is a project where you restore something that is old and worn out to its former condition, while a remodel is a complete transformation. Both are useful but you should make sure to decide not only which option you want for a room, but also whether it is the best option for that room. Sometimes a homeowner might want a room remodeled when the restoration is a more practical project and vice versa. They should consult with one of our general contractors to find out which choice is right for them and their home.

Kitchen Remodel

A remodel of the kitchen is easily one of the biggest projects a homeowner can do because the kitchen is such a vital part of the home. That vitality is also why it can be such a rewarding project because a new or upgraded kitchen can breathe new life into a home. And since the kitchen is such an important room in a house, it can increase the value of the home as well. The remodeling of a kitchen can be a pretty extensive project because it could involve new storage options, new fixtures, new lighting, new appliances, new countertops, and even new flooring.

The project does not have to include all of those things of course since that could send the cost of the project skyrocketing. Instead, you should consider the things that you need to change and focus on those in order to keep your budget at a sensible price. Once you have decided on what you want to change, you should have a consultation with one of our general contractors so that they can give you options that best suit your budget and lifestyle.

Bathroom Remodel

The remodeling of the bathroom can be another important project since it is a room in which people tend to spend a lot of time. It is probably the first room they go to when they wake up and the last room they visit before they go to sleep. Most bathrooms are basic and utilitarian in their design, but a remodel can make the bathroom a pleasant place that can be relaxing, soothing, and more practical than it was before. It can also be more energy-efficient since you can add new lighting that reduces energy usage and new fixtures that reduce water usage.

If the bathroom is large enough, then you can even consider brand new additions like a bidet or expanded storage options. Even simpler changes like new lighting can give the bathroom a more relaxing mood. And since the bathroom is so important, an upgraded one can also increase the value of the home. As with all room remodels, you should focus on what you need the most when deciding on what you need to change. Our general contractor can give you valuable advice on what you should prioritize and give you a variety of options from which to choose.


It is not hard to see why flooring is such a vital component of any home since it receives the most wear and tear. An old, worn-out floor can not just be unsightly, it can also be dangerous since it could present a hazard that could lead to slip and fall accidents. There are dozens upon dozens of options for new flooring and not every room necessarily needs the same type of flooring since the floors in the kitchen and the bathroom should be different. 

That is why you should contact a general contractor from our company when you are ready to change the flooring in one or more of the other rooms. Our contractors can help you to select flooring options that are good looking and cost-effective and best suit the needs of the room.

Roof Repair and Replacement

The roof is vital to the security, safety, and comfort of the home, which is why it should always be in top condition. Sometimes a roof will get damaged over time or maybe the homeowner wants to change the material of their roof, either way, a replacement or repair is needed and we can provide those services. The intense winter weather of Kirkland, WA can cause serious damage to roofs since the snow, ice, and cold temperatures can put a lot of stress on every part of the roof. That means it is easy for roofs to sustain a lot of damage if they have been through multiple winters.

We can send over a general contractor to perform a thorough inspection of your roof to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced entirely; if it is the former, then we can perform the necessary repairs, and if a replacement is needed, then our contractor can do that as well. Whether a roof replacement is needed because the current roof is badly damaged or because you want a change, we can assign you a general contractor who will suggest various roofing materials that are rugged and durable as well as pleasing to the eye. We can help you to make the final decision and then perform the installation in a fast and efficient manner.

Deck Repair

The deck is a part of the home that is constantly exposed to the harsh weather that can happen in Kirkland, WA. Since decks are built to last, most people do not perform regular inspections of their decks, but just because a deck can last for a long time does not mean that it will last forever. The moist climate of Kirkland can damage a deck in a variety of ways and if it is not properly maintained, then a full-on deck replacement might be needed instead of a repair.

If you see any of the following problems on your deck, then you should call us so that we can send a general contractor to take care of it before a replacement is in order:

  • The deck boards have begun to crack or splinter
  • The concrete footings have started to heave, drop, or crack
  • You notice rot in the wooden support posts and beams
  • The railing has started to come loose
  • There is erosion around the posts

If you notice any of these problems, then contact us as soon as possible before they get worse.

More Of Our Services – General Contractors, Kirkland WA

The general contracting services listed above are among the most popular in Kirkland and the Seattle area, but there is a lot more that we can do even more for your home.

No matter the general contracting job that needs to be done, we can complete it for you. Please contact us to learn how and we will assign a general contractor to take care of it.

Preparing For Renovation or Remodeling

Before one of our general contractors gets started on your renovation or remodeling project, there are some things that you can do to prepare your home for the work that is about to begin. To start with, you need to decide where you are going to stay during all of the construction that is going on. You can choose to stay in your home, but only if you don’t find the construction work to be too disruptive to your routine. If any work is taking place in a vital room like the kitchen or bathroom, then you will need to find alternative places where you can perform the tasks that you normally do in those rooms.

Some construction projects might need some demolition work to be done beforehand. You can perform some light demolition work before our team takes over, but you should talk to the general contractor in charge of the project before you do. They can let you know what you should and should not do and will provide you with advice and instructions on any demo work that you can do yourself. 

Another thing you should do is to remove any fragile and valuable items in the rooms where any construction is taking place so that they do not get damaged. You should also remove large objects like sofas, rugs, cabinets, and so forth. It is recommended that you remove them and wrap those items in plastic sheeting for protection, but if you cannot do so yourself, then please contact the general contractor in charge of the project so that our workers can perform that task for you.

Coronavirus Protocols

As with everyone in the country, and indeed the world, we know all about the dangers posed by the Covid-19 virus. That is why we have updated our procedures to keep our employees, our clients, and their homes as safe as possible. The contractor in charge of your project will follow all of the coronavirus protocols laid out by the government and we make sure to disinfect any tools or equipment that the homeowner is likely to come into contact with. The cleaning products that we use have all been shown to kill the coronavirus. We do everything possible to keep everyone involved in the construction project safe so that we can reduce the spread of the virus.

Contact Us For Your Home Construction, Renovation, or Remodeling Projects

At Home Care Contractors, we have been in the residential general contracting industry for a decade now; we have helped many homeowners in Kirkland, WA, Seattle, and the rest of Washington State with their home construction projects as well as any repair work that they need to be done. We are an affordable general contracting business with a reputation for doing thorough and efficient work that satisfies the needs of our clients. 

You can be assured that any general contractor we assign to oversee any projects on your home will conduct their business in a professional way and will always prioritize what the homeowner needs. And of course, we make sure to keep our clients and employees safe by following all of the government regulations and guidelines regarding coronavirus protocols. We also provide exemplary customer service by answering our clients’ questions and concerns promptly and efficiently. So please contact us when you have any residential projects that need to be done. We have provided construction and renovation service for several homeowners from all across Kirkland, Seattle, and the rest of the state and we will gladly do the same for you. So get in touch with us when you are ready to update or upgrade your home.

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