What is the difference between home remodeling and home improvement?

Even though many people use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between a remodeling project and a renovation. Although both update and reconfigure your existing rooms, each type of project is different, and it’s important to be clear on what you want before you hire a contractor.

  • A home renovation keeps the original structure of your existing home but restores and updates the look of a room.
  • A renovation usually refers to making cosmetic changes. A remodel involves demolition and then the construction of a new structure.
  • Renovating a bathroom, for example, may involve fixing water leaks or painting the cabinets. On the other hand, a bathroom may involve adding or moving pipes, tearing down walls, and constructing new ones.
  • The cost is also different. Because the renovation is not changing major structures, it is less expensive than a remodel since you are altering the room’s layout, will require more specific skills (electrical wiring, plumbing), and will take more time.

Space and good design are achievable even in small kitchens and bathrooms as long as you work with an experienced remodeling contractor. Call 206-737-1261 if you’re unsure of which service you want.

Is it easier to remodel a house or build from scratch?

Compared to construction projects, a home remodel is a much quicker and easier option because all of your main elements are already in place. There’s no need to demolish and install whole new elements when you remodel. Plus, your labor costs won’t be as high because a remodel takes less time. You can simply upgrade your home with quality appliances rather than build from scratch. But if you are looking for a complete overhaul in Seattle, we are happy to discuss your remodeling options.

Preparing For Your Remodel Service

The first step in ensuring that your remodeling job doesn’t take longer than it has to is to create a schedule with all of your subcontractors, including cabinet makers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. We communicate directly with subcontractors because we will be working with them throughout the entire project. We manage your lead time and schedule so that fixtures, hardware, cabinetry, and tile arrive in time. We can advise you of what items and brands will deliver quickly because we know that they are almost always in stock, so there are no delays with your project. We recommend that you budget a contingency fund that’s at least 10% of your overall cost in case materials prices fluctuate or if there are unforeseen challenges that go beyond the project’s scope, such as discovering mold or a failing appliance. Before we begin, we also send you a project description so that you are aware of the size and scope of the remodel.
Next, we talk about the practical aspects of living in a home during a remodeling project. You don’t want your house filling up with dust during your construction project, so we have a conversation with you about the cleanup process and your wellness needs. We use plastic sheeting to cover your furniture, protect flooring and carpeting, create staging areas for when materials arrive and clean up ourselves at the end of each day.

Do you enjoy cooking but find that you don’t have enough counter space to prep your meals? Does opening your refrigerator or oven door block aisles in your kitchen, stopping the flow of traffic? Do you wonder how you will create more space when the architecture of your home is already small? Fortunately, if you’ve said “yes” to any of these situations, we can help you. We’ve completed many kitchen remodel projects to solve these exact issues that other Seattle residents have dealt with. Home Care Contractors is an established and trusted kitchen remodel company in Seattle. Customer service is our top priority in every project.
One of the biggest remodel projects in your entire home is your kitchen. Real estate agents say that the kitchen is the most important room when buying and selling a house. When we meet with you, we ask what you currently do and don’t like about your kitchen. First, we start with cabinet ideas. Do you want your cabinets to be more contemporary or traditional? Do you want them to be opened, closed, or made of glass so that you can see inside of them? Different cabinet door styles impact the overall look of your kitchen, so that’s why we start there.
Next, we incorporate appliances that are crucial to the success of your design. We look for appliances that will fit properly to create easy flow around the kitchen and won’t obstruct walkways. Then we consider what the best layout for your kitchen is.
The most common layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is to arrange the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangular plan, which reduces the number of steps between them.
Of course, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want an island in your kitchen as well. It’s crucial to pick the right island size if you like to host parties or if your family usually congregates in the kitchen.

When planning your next master bathroom overhaul in Seattle, contact Home Care Contractors. We can help you select all the materials, such as new cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and flooring. If you are looking to maximize your space and a small bathroom for a luxurious and efficient design, we have the quality staff to ensure that your bathroom is completed exactly how you want.
You can consider different layouts for your remodel depending on how much space is available to accommodate the different elements you want. Some of our clients reach out to us because they want to remodel their master bathroom. Homeowners who live in very old Seattle homes with only one bathroom reach out to us when they want to add a bathroom or turn a half bath into a full bathroom. Let us know what you want, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate on how to make your goal come true. The different types of bathrooms are:
Quarter: often called a utility closet or utility shower, they only contain one of the four traditional bathroom components, such as a shower stall or toilet
Half: sometimes called utility bathrooms or powder rooms, they usually include a sink and a toilet.
Three-quarter: these contain three of the four traditional components, such as a sink or vanity, toilet, and a shower, but very little space for storage
Full: A full bath has all four of the traditional components, with the sink and toilet sharing one wall, the tub and shower on another wall, and plenty of space for storing towels and personal hygiene products

Want to make the most of your underground space in Seattle? We can help you maximize the efficiency of your small footprint. From finishing your basement walls to utilizing your space more efficiently, calling 206-737-1261 is your first step in your basement improvement.
There are many ways to remodel a basement. You can turn it into a guest bedroom with a closet. If there is enough space, we can also add a bathroom to your basement. Adding a bedroom with a full or even half bath can increase the value of your home. Another way you can use the space is by turning it into a playroom or study room for your kids, or by making it an entertainment room.

Your Seattle WA Construction and Remodeling Contractors

A professional project manager from Home Care Contractors can help you stick to your budget and show you affordable options for expenses you may not think of, such as electrical work, concrete, insulation, and materials for custom cabinets. We complete every project within budget and with a high level of attention to detail.
Repeat business begins with superior customer service. We take pride in every job, down to the last detail. Former clients in Seattle describe us as great communicators, responsive, friendly, and willing to take the time to answer questions about any projects or processes in detail. We provide a free estimate so that you know how much your project will cost. We provide the best contractor experience for our Seattle remodeling clients. In addition to being praised by former clients for our excellent communication, we use quality materials, run safe job sites and work efficiently so that you save on labor costs.
Before we begin any of our projects, we professionally evaluate your existing space and then create a plan that incorporates your design dreams and budget. We estimate how much construction will cost so that there are no surprises when completed. We communicate with you throughout the process if any unforeseen issues come up in the process of completing your project, and if there are quality alternatives to solve them. Call 206-737-1261 to inquire about remodeling costs in the Seattle area now.

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