Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting and cost-effective way to give one of the most utilized rooms in your home a needed facelift. An outdated kitchen can be a mental drain on a homeowner who knows that it is time for an upgrade, but designing and building the kitchen that you will be proud of is costly and time-consuming. If you are looking for a way to give your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other room with wall storage that needed update, but do not want to take the full plunge—or if you are looking for the perfect way to finish a full renovation—then contact the professionals at Home Care Contractors as soon as possible to discuss our custom cabinet work.

Custom Cabinet Creations Seattle

Many people believe that they will not be able to install custom cabinets in their own home due to budget restrictions, but the team at Home Care Contractors has a long history of working with a ranger of budgets and desires in order to deliver a product to our customers that is worthy of showing off for years to come. There are many possibilities for any kitchen, and one of our favorite parts of the process is imagining the different ways we can update an existing kitchen for a client.

Take a look below at some of the many ways that we can approach this project with you, and more importantly, contact us as soon as possible to get a free quote. One of the best things about working with professional cabinet builders in Seattle is that you can take advantage of our experience after many years of installing cabinets in many rooms for many different applications, since we may be able to provide you with some ideas that you haven’t yet considered. 

Choosing Custom-Made Cabinets

When it comes time to think about the cabinets and other finish carpentry work that goes into either new construction or a renovation, many people automatically avoid considering the possibility of custom cabinets because of the cost. However, there are a lot of benefits to custom cabinets, especially once you realize that you can get one-of-a-kind fixtures to brighten up your home and provide you with the exact way you would like to interact with your space. 

Working With a Professional

Instead of trying to come up with a custom concept all on your own for your cabinets, working with a professional is one of the most effective ways that you can conceptualize, design, and execute a custom cabinet installation in any room of your home. You know how you want to use the space, and we know how to design and build the wall fixtures that will serve your needs most effectively; together, we can truly build a cabinet solution that suits your needs.

In addition to creating a cabinet setup that works functionally, we will be able to work closely to create a cabinet setup that works for your budget, as well. It is important to our team that our clients feel heard and considered while we work through the various costs and price tags that come with a custom cabinet build in Seattle so that you can get a custom solution that suits your needs and doesn’t break the bank. By using our clients’ budgets as a North Star in our design phase, we can effectively deliver a final result that addresses ALL of your needs.

Considering Your Space

Where are your custom cabinets going to be installed? Remember that although cabinets equal space, not all space is created equal. We will need to consider your use cases for the area in order to determine the appropriate types of cabinets, sizes, and more. Will the cabinets be above a workbench? Above your kitchen countertops? Bringing some much-needed organizational and storage space to your garage? It makes sense that you don’t want garage cabinets in your kitchen, but it makes equal sense that the actual layout of the cabinets will change depending on your use cases.

In addition to the appearance and durability of your custom cabinets, we will want to make sure that the cabinet doors open the way that allows for the most-effective use of the area as well. Too often, especially with out-of-the-box cabinets, we run into issues where one cabinet end sup stuffed into a corner that makes it difficult to access, and the cabinet ends up being under-utilized (or worse, becomes a dumping ground for things that will be forgotten for years before being thrown out) because of the difficult positioning. A custom set of cabinets will not guarantee that you won’t end up with a “junk” cabinet, but proper flow can certainly help!

Building To Last

Once we have finalized our custom designs for your new cabinets, we will set out building the cabinets to your exact specifications. No need to worry about cramming cabinets into small spaces to make it all work, or ending up with counterintuitive gaps in your cabinets due to a misfit between the standard solutions and the size or shape of your room. Your cabinets will be fabricated with pride and care, with the Home Care Contractors commitment to service and a 12-month warranty against any defects in workmanship. 

Our reputation is what keeps former clients coming back to us, and a big part of why new clients are happy to work with us. As such, our major focus is to provide our clients with the best possible work at an affordable price so that we can keep doing the work that we love. By refusing to take shortcuts, we take that extra step to make sure that our work speaks for itself for years to come.

Installing Your Custom Cabinets

Once we have completed the design and fabrication of your custom cabinets, the final step is to install them. Our cabinet installers are professionals with years of experience and a high attention to detail and quality, meaning that this final step will be a continuation of the customer service and care that you have gotten during the entire process of creating your cabinets. 

Signs of sloppy or lazy cabinet installations include things like missing handles, poorly-fitting doors, chips and dents, or even cabinets hung out of level. Our work isn’t done until your cabinets are hung perfectly, and that every piece of our installation agreement is completed. Don’t worry about going in after us and needing to vacuum drywall dust off of your new shelves, or spackle screw holes left behind by our work—we have it all covered. 

What Goes Into a Custom Cabinet Build?

You may be wondering at this point: “what is the actual difference between storebought and custom cabinets?” and we are happy to help you understand! The following are just some of the general differences, but in order to fully understand how your space will benefit from a custom cabinet creation, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Understanding Your Needs

The first step in a custom build is to understand your needs as they relate to the specific room. Are these industrial-strength cabinets meant to hold tools, hardware, paint cans, and similar things? Are these going into a newly-renovated kitchen, with an extra focus on flow as you move throughout the room while making a delicious meal? Or perhaps they are going in your TV room and need to be optimized for things like games, movies, electronics, and speakers? 

Depending on the rooms and your needs for our cabinet creation, there are a lot of different design principles that will go into determining things like the weight limits of your cabinets, the material they will be built from, the size and depth of each cabinet, and the spacing of the shelves, just to name a few. 

Handmade Units

Each custom cabinet is made by hand by our trusted cabinetmakers, and each is given a thorough quality check before leaving the workshop to be delivered and installed in your home. We choose the highest quality material for your use and your budget, and will not ship a unit that appears to be defective in any way. If for some reason, we do ship a defective unit or any build with defective workmanship, it is covered under our 12-month warranty and will be replaced at no cost to you.

We stand by our work, and we know that you will love using your cabinets for many years to come. With a bit of extra care and attention during the build phase, you can rely on them for a long time in the future without needing to worry about making repairs or updates.

Where Can You Benefit From Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinet creations can go into nearly any room in a home, and beyond. Whether you are looking for a new look to your kitchen or if you want to completely revamp your workshop, our custom cabinets will make a major impact on your Seattle home. 

The following are just a few examples of where we install custom cabinets most often:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • TV rooms
  • Bookshelves 
  • Workshops
  • Barns or sheds
  • Garages
  • In-law Units
  • Closets
  • Pool Houses
  • Offices
  • Reading rooms and custom bookshelves
  • Custom home bars

There are many other applications for custom cabinets, as well. Anywhere that you need specialized storage, a custom cabinet can help, and the team at Home Care Contractors is available to bring you through the process from start to finish. When you work with us, you get the added benefit of the years of experience we have, and the countless rooms that we have helped clients design and build throughout our many successful projects. 

Should You Build Your Own Cabinets?

If you are interested in building your own cabinets instead of working with a team of professionals, we are not here to stop you! That said, there are many benefits to working with a professional team, complete with cabinet makers, designers, and installers, There is a special nostalgia that comes with DIY in your home, but if you want the support and guidance of a team of professionals then we are here to help. Working with master craftsmen is never a bad idea when you want top-quality work done in a timely and affordable manner!

Why Home Care Contractors?

If you are looking for custom cabinets in Seattle, then look no further than the team at Home Care Contractors. The following are a few of the many reasons why working with us is a good idea for your home and for your wallet, as we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality goods and services at an affordable price point. Take a look below for some specifics, or we can speak directly as soon as you contact us!

High Customer Ratings

Our many accolades that you can see on our “Who We Are” page—such as a Five Star customer rating on both Yelp and Google and top ratings on HomeAdvisor—to the countless customer testimonials praising our professional, high-quality, and affordable work, our past performance speaks for itself. We hold ourselves to the highest expectations in terms of both customer service and the quality of our work, which you will be able to see in action during our custom cabinet build in Seattle for you. 

Budget-Conscious Custom Cabinetry

When people hear the word “custom” anything, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is an enormous price tag. While you do certainly pay for custom work, we strive to work within our client’s budgets while delivering top-notch work. Another thing to consider is the value over the initial cost of custom, handmade cabinets. The saying “buy nice, or buy twice” is true for a reason, and that is not to say that prefabricated cabinets are all cheap, but when you are getting a custom build you know that each piece of each cabinet was given a high attention to detail and quality.

Find Out More During a Free Consultation

Take advantage of the initial conversations that we can have about your needs, and we will be happy to share our extensive portfolio with you as both inspiration and references to the quality of work that you can expect as one of our valued clients. 

If you have a room that you know needs an update, even if you are not sure what type of update in particular, then contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss options. We are happy to share our own experience with you to help guide your planning process. We understand that your design and cabinet needs are highly personal and specific, but there are many pitfalls and issues that we have experienced, addressed, and solved in our many years in the industry that we will be more than happy to support your process with. 

Contact us now to request a free quote for your custom cabinet design and installation in Seattle. If you are ready to take a significant step in improving the appearance of your home and the quality of how you can interact with the room in question, let’s get started as soon as possible. 

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