If you’re considering a home addition, you probably have a few questions. One of the most frequent questions among those considering an addition is the cost. The average cost of home addition in Seattle may be less than you think.

There’s no easy way to estimate the cost of your addition. Unless you have industry knowledge, you can’t accurately guess your cost. That said, Home Care Contractors can work with you to give you an accurate estimate.

What’s the Average Cost of an Addition?

In Seattle, the average cost of home addition is for a master suite is $304,522. For a mid-range addition, the cost is about $150,345. When addition is on the second story, it’s likely to cost over $300,000.

Of course, your addition could cost much less. It all depends on the plan for your addition. Before getting started on your addition, you should create a budget. Speak to an experienced contractor and find out if the project can be accomplished with your budget. If you have to cut too many corners to meet your budget, you won’t be satisfied with your results.

What Factors Impact the Cost of a Home Addition in Seattle

The cost of your home addition varies significantly. Typically, all of the following factors will impact the cost of your addition:

The Type of Addition You’re Making

Your addition could be a completely new structure, or it could be attached to your home. If it’s completely new, you may expect your cost to be higher than an addition that relies on existing structural elements. For example, a new bathroom does not need any new major structures. It can be installed inside your existing structure with the addition of a few walls.

One of the most common types of additions is a bathroom. As a small room, a bathroom costs around $20,000. They tend to have one of the highest returns on investments. With an average family size of 2.87, Seattle residents often seek homes with multiple bathrooms.

Another popular addition is the kitchen. This could cost more than $70,000 because a kitchen has many more fixtures than a bathroom and is much larger in size.

Finally, a second story addition tends to be one of the most expensive types of additions. Because it requires you to add a new level to your home, it comes with many expenses. You need new support walls, siding, insulation, and more.

Type of Foundation

It’s likely that you need a foundation for your addition. Pole and beam foundations tend to be more affordable than other options, while a cinderblock foundation is more costly.

Your Insulation

With Seattle’s cold climate, insulation is crucial. But the cost of insulation varies depending on the type and the amount you need. If you want insulation that is energy efficient, you need to pay more. Of course, it will save you money in the long run by cutting down your energy costs.

Siding Choice

When it comes to siding, you probably don’t have much of a choice. Homeowners usually choose to keep the siding the same for their addition. If your home has brick siding, the new siding could increase the cost of your addition. Brick is one of the most costly types of siding and is also expensive to install. Meanwhile, vinyl siding tends to be rather affordable.

Amount of Windows

The more windows in your addition, the more your project will cost. That said, you don’t want to skimp on your amount of windows. If you don’t get enough light into your home, your addition will be unwelcoming and cold.

Working with an Expert

The only way to have an accurate idea of the cost of your addition is to work with an experienced Seattle contractor. Home Care Contractors has spent years working with Seattle residents. We have the experience, resources, and skills necessary to create an addition that meets your expectations.

The best way to get started is to give us a call. Once we meet with you, we’ll find out what you want and will give you an estimate. If you approve, we can get started with the planning and building process. Contact us today to learn more.

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