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What is A Deck?

A deck is generally made from wood and is located adjacent to the house. Although when most people refer to a deck, they often refer to it being located at the rear of the house. However, a deck can be located anywhere on the property, as a porch can also be referred to as a deck. Furthermore, a landing and stairway may be located anywhere on the property. Regardless of where its location on the property, if the structure is built like a deck, then it is a deck. If the structure is deemed to be a deck, then deck construction standards apply. 

Components of A Deck

Decks can range from a simple, single-level rectangle to a complex multi-level structure, but most consist of the same components. All deck components are important regarding safety and longevity, but some are more important than others. The following deck components are listed in order of importance:

  1. Flashing
  2. Ledger Attachment
  3. Guards (Guardrails)
  4. Stairways and Handrails
  5. Framing
  6. Posts and Footings

Decking Styles

Although classic wood is the primary style, there are many options to choose from for the deck surface. Here are a few decking styles:

  • Pressure Treated Wood: PT wood is one of the most economical material choices for a deck as it can be used in all parts of the deck, making it is the most common wood used. This type of wood comes in various grades. Grade number two is the most common grade for the deck surface. Other higher grades can be used for the different parts of a deck such as railings or built-in seating. Although appearance can vary from coast to coast, PT wood usually has an exaggerated grain and greenish tint based on the lumber tree. Its ability to resist aging, insects, and weather damage is mainly due to the wood being treated with chemicals. 
  • Redwood or Cedar: Redwood and cedar are often lumped together but have their pros and cons when used for decking. They are both classified as softwoods and are higher-end options compared to regular PT wood. Redwood and Cedar are both great choices if the homeowner desires a drastic change to their deck’s appearance.
  • Exotic: Exotic, tropical hardwoods can be quite expensive, but if you have the budget for it, these types of woods are stunning for your new and improved deck. Pau Lope and Ironwood are great examples of exotic wood choices. These woods are often sought after because of their color and incredible durability. Ironwood could easily last up to 40 years.
  • Modified Wood: If you are hesitant to commit due to maintenance needs and really prefer wood over synthetics, modified wood is the new material on the market to consider. Modified wood consists of softwood that has been treated with a biobased liquid that strengthens the boards. This results in a smoother and more durable wood deck that still consists of the same characteristics of the popular classic hardwood. 
  • Composite: Composite is a great alternative choice if you are not completely sold on wood. Composites are composed of pre-made boards that are a perfect blend of plastic and wood. They also have eco-friendly components; both plastic fiber and wood are usually made from recycled materials. Composite still has a wooden look to it but requires less maintenance.
  • Vinyl and Plastic: Vinyl decking is similar to composite. Vinyl and plastic are perfect for those who do not care for a wood look. Plastic decks come in pre-made boards that are shipped to you from the manufacturer. Companies now provide matching railings and deck parts along with the normal surface boards. 
  • Aluminum Decking: This may seem like an odd choice, but it is an excellent material. Aluminum decking is great for regions that experience hot temperatures. Although it is not very popular, it is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

The Benefits of Building A Deck

A well-built deck is a thing of beauty for your average homeowner. Building a deck for the first time or rebuilding one can be an exciting, if daunting, process. A deck is quite the investment as it showcases the overall style of the home and increases the appeal and value when listed on the market.

The overall process of designing a deck is quite a fun experience as deck building is less expensive than most other major renovations you can do to a home. It allows the homeowner to experiment and be fully involved in the design process since there isn’t any stress about spending an excessive amount of money.

How To Find and Hire A Deck Builder 

It is beneficial to be strategic and limit your search specific to your area when hiring a deck builder. Check credentials and references prior to hiring, and follow this checklist:

  • Read Reviews & Rating 

(Although they should not be your only point of reference, the online reviews of contractors can be helpful.)

  • Check license, certifications, and credentials

Be sure to check your municipality about licensing requirements, and never hire a pro who doesn’t have insurance.

  • Check References

(One of the best resources available to you is the deck builder’s previous clients.)

  • Look for Project Samples

(Ask to see a sample or pictures of past projects they have done to gauge if their service is the right fit.)

  • Call Around & Ask Questions Before Hiring

(Never hire anyone without a thorough evaluation. Ask questions such as: How much experience do you have, Do you have a list of references, Are you insured and licensed?)

  • Compare Quotes

(As you search around, compare the quotes you receive from each contractor to see which one fits within your budget.)

  • Chemistry

(Make sure you hire a contractor you can get along with.)

Overall, you need to choose a pro that is suitable for your wallet, expectations, and home. As the housing market continues to thrive in the United States, the deck and patio construction market thrives as well and has grown to a billion dollar industry. This market will only continue to grow; with this in mind, it is likely that you will need a deck repair or replacement in the near future. If you need of a deck builder in Seattle, contact Home Care Contractors now. We value you and your project with the utmost respect.

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