If you are considering replacing your bathroom tile, you have probably thought about doing it yourself. Before you buy that “For Dummies” book or attempt to follow the instructions of a video online, you may want to consider hiring professional contractors. If bathroom tiles are installed incorrectly, it can cause major water damage to your home’s walls and floors. Nice looking professionally installed tiles will look great and add value to your home. There are several things to consider when selecting the right tile for your bathroom. 

Reasons to Replace your Tile 

Tile is the first thing anyone notices when they walk into your bathroom. If your tile looks like it has been there since the seventies, you need to replace it. Unfortunately, vintage charm does not apply to the bathroom tile. When tile is too old, it can get mold and this can cause serious damage to your home. Mold is especially prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

The Best Tiles for Your Shower 

When selecting shower tile, you want to consider what the tile is made out of, the size of the tiles and the color scheme of your bathroom. 

The Material 

Bathroom tile is made out of natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain. Porcelain is the most durable of the three. It is incredibly water-resistant and if you chip it slightly, you may not be able to see the damage. Porcelain tiles are consistent in color. For example, if a porcelain tile is blue and you chip it, it will be blue to its core. you won’t see a white chip mark, the way you will with ceramic tile.

Stone tiles will give your bathroom a sophisticated look. It is quite durable and resistant to all different levels of water pressure. Stone tiles do have to be cleaned, but they do not have to be scrubbed as intensely or as often as other kinds of tile. 

Ceramic is the most common tile used in bathrooms today. Ceramic tiles come in every color you can name and they are customizable. They have a hardness rating from zero to five, and the average bathroom tile rates around a two. The tiles are coated with a protective shield to keep them from getting damaged by water. Ceramic tiles are the hardest to clean and require plenty of scrubbing. However, they can be worn down with too much scrubbing, and if you chip them, it is noticeable.


Ceramic tiles are the most budget-friendly of the three main tile options. Porcelain falls in the middle and stone is the most expensive. Remember to take into consideration the value that the tile will add to your home. Stone is the most expensive of the three options, but it will make a house more marketable. 

Once you have selected the kind of tile you want to use, you will want to get an estimate for the cost of installation. The cost will depend on several things, including the size of your bathroom, the amount of time installation takes and how many tiles you are installing. 

The Process of Installing Tile

Installing tile takes a skilled hand and a bit of time. First, the old tile must be removed. The shower space must then be prepped for the installation. The preparation will involve installing a cement backer, a shower membrane and a shower pan. The contractor will then measure the tiles and lay them down. Once they have set the tiles on the shower wall, they will cut the tiles and set the cut pieces. They will then repeat the process for the floor and apply grout. 

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Our team of experienced contractors can get your bathroom tile installed in a cost and time-efficient manner. We will make your home look beautiful, increase its value and make it a comfortable place to live. Our licensed master craftsmen have everything you could ask for in a contractor and we take pride in our work.

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