Walnut wood can add a touch of class to the interior of any home. When used for hardwood flooring, walnut’s dark rich coloring can make a room appear larger. Walnut has a beautiful and prominent grain and will last longer than other kinds of wood. Although it is rather pricey, the wood’s regal appearance and resistance to damage and decay make walnut a worthwhile investment. Before you shop for planks, you should know that black walnut is less expensive than Brazilian walnut. There are a few things that make walnut a worthwhile investment.

Its Fabulous Aesthetic Quality 

Whether it is used for hardwood flooring or a small jewelry box, properly cared for walnut always looks good. The wood’s swirling grain and dark tones give floors and furniture an antique quality. The wood has a tight grain and when it is polished, it appears smooth and the planks take on a uniform look. 

The sapwood has a whitish color and the hardwood has a dark color, making it very versatile when it comes to home decor and improvement. The wood has a wealth of undertones. A piece of the wood may have purplish tones and another piece may have grey undertones. 

Walnut floors are the perfect complement to antique furniture or furniture that has a classic look and style. The wood captures light well and looks great on camera.

If the natural beauty of the walnut is not pretty enough for you, you should note that it takes a stain very well. However, stains take a while to dry on this wood.

Walnut is dark and hides dirt and dust well. You do not have to wax walnut floors as often as you would other kinds of hardwood floors. You can occasionally even use oil to polish walnut.

One Drawback

The Janka Hardness Test measures the force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter into a sample of wood. Walnut registers as 1010 on the Janka test, so it is not the hardest of wood options for hardwood floors. It is still durable and makes great flooring, but it is a bit more susceptible to scratching. If you are careful when you move furniture and take your shoes off when walking on your maple hardwood floors, they should maintain their beauty for years to come.

Some Facts About the Walnut Tree 

The walnut tree is indigenous to Asia and Central Europe. The trees were eventually planted in the United States and now California is the primary grower of trees grown for nuts. Walnut has a very strong taproot which contains juglones which is a chemical that keeps other plants from growing too close to it. The trees can live as long as 250 years and grow to 60 feet. The wood is considered so valuable that there are actually gangs of walnut rustlers, who will land helicopters on farms and make off with trees in the middle of the night. 

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