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Tile & Stone

Deciding to remodel your home can be a fun challenge that allows homeowners to spruce things up and try something fresh and different. 

Things To Consider

How large of an area are you tiling? What is your budget? Were you inspired by an idea you saw online or in a TV show? Or have you been inspired by nature or a photograph? These kinds of questions will not only help you to decide on what’s feasible within your price range but to also think about the design of your living space to narrow down your ideas. 

Home Care Contractors are your neighbors in the Seattle area, and we understand how valuable your home is and how you want this investment to last for years. That’s why we offer a free quote to our clients and welcome you to ask questions, show us your ideas and tell us more about how you want to feel when you walk in your own home. All expenses are presented and explained to you in detail upfront. 

Natural Stone

Limestone, slate, marble, and sandstone are all types of natural stone, which come from mountain rocks. Because they are not mass-made they can have unique shapes to them. Their durability and absorption levels between materials. Some are more resistant to cleaning solutions or scratches than others. 

There are several advantages to using real stone. Many people prefer its aesthetic quality because the pieces can be different shapes or have slight variations in the natural patterns. It also more environmentally-friendly to use natural products, and people who want to feel real ground in their home will love being connected to the earth through their natural tiling. However, because they are natural they can be very porous or will need to be resealed to protect it.
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Synthetic Tile

Man-made tiles are an affordable alternative to using natural stone and can yield gorgeous flooring designs. Synthetic tiles are often very durable and in some cases may even be easier to clean than natural stone, making it sure to last in high-traffic areas such as stores. There are a variety of styles and finishes that synthetic tiles come in.

Mortar, Grout and Caulks

Mortar typically comes in a limited number of colors: white, black, gray. This is the color of the edging in between the tiles. When mortar is evenly applied, the tile sticks firmly to the ground without air bubbles. Grout is then applied, a layer of material that continues to fill in these edge spaces. Contrasting grout colors with the tile can create intricate designs. After these have been applied then you will want to seal in the edges of walls and wet areas, such as bathrooms, with a layer of caulk. The caulk will expand and contract with the temperature, keeping the corners sealed.

At Home Care Contractors we service the Seattle, WA area and are familiar with the environmental and climatic effects northwesterners deal with. We use only the finest products on all jobs.

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