When getting your roof replaced, you will be minorly inconvenienced for up to a few days, as you’re probably already aware. But what exactly should you expect when getting your roof replaced? How long will it take? And if you’re the parent of young children or work from home, how will a roof replacement affect your home life or career? These are all great questions that you should be asking. Below are some things to think about so you can have clear expectations when the roofers arrive.

Roof Replacement Materials

When working with your roofer you will want to express what your goals are with your roof replacement. Some might be obvious, such as in the case of a leak, but if you want to install solar panels then you will want to discuss that with your roofer. 

The most commonly used materials in roofing are the following:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing, such as aluminum
  • Ceramic or concrete tiles
  • Slate tiles

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum roofs are extremely durable and inexpensive, and part of their appeal is how easily they can be installed. The durability of asphalt shingles depends, so you want to ask for the highest quality possible for your budget. The higher the quality, the more resistant the shingles are to cracking or scratching when struck with debris, such as trees, hail, or even the ball from the neighbor’s yard. In Seattle, it’s important to think about what will keep your roof and house safe in our mild summers and wet winters.

When You Need To Replace Your Roof

There are some signs you can look out for, especially after wet seasons, to see if you have any damage to your roof. First, look at your ceiling. Brownish, orange water stains in the shape of irregular circles or ovals are an indication of water leakage. Look in corners in the inside of closets and bathrooms, and other places you may not frequently look. If you notice any smells when you go into the attic, especially musty smells, then you may have a mold problem. Definitely, if you walk into your attic and feel the wood squish like it has a spongy consistently, then you should call a roofer, as that is a serious sign that mold is spreading and harming the integrity of the structure.

Environmental Threats to Roofs in Seattle

First, it’s important to understand why a roof may need to be replaced. The weather conditions in Seattle provide some serious challenges to building structures. If the roof wasn’t impacted by the sheer weight of the precipitation, then possibly a nearby tree branch was, and the next thing you know you have heavy wood and snow crashing on your property. Thankfully those situations don’t happen with too much frequency, but there is another danger even if nothing breaks. Mold and mildew can develop if there are any holes or cracks in the roof that have allowed moisture to seep in. Over time, the fungus spreads to support beams and walls. In egregious cases, you can see the blooms in corners and through the paint of walls in the house. 

The best time to call a roofer is before you have a problem, of course. That time usually arises before rainy or wet seasons. You don’t want to go a full season in wet weather that exacerbates any mold issues that may be lurking inside your roof.

Timeline for a Roof Replacement

How long a roofing job lasts depends on how big of an area you’re trying to cover, and how the previous work has held up over time. If there is a considerable mold problem, for example, then you can expect roofers to be on your property a lot longer cleaning that out for you, and ensuring that all beams and supports that are affected get replaced before there is further spread.

A roofing job for most homes takes less than a week. If mold is found, however, then the process could take several weeks, as all of the affected wood will have to be replaced. Before the actual work starts, however, your contractor will want to visit the property. The first time will be the initial inspection where they check the interior and exterior of the house to assess the condition it’s in. There may be a subsequent visit with you to go over more details about the work being done. 

Daytime Considerations For Your Car, Pets, or Dependents

When getting your roof replaced you want to think about the practical, daily dangers that will affect anyone who is home during the day and any cars or vehicles left in the driveway. A roof replacement is very noisy with constant thudding that can upset animals and certainly make it difficult for young children to nap during the day. These are things to consider if you feel it is very important for you to make arrangements to keep all children and pets out of the house for the duration of the replacement.

Additionally, because nails and actual roofing materials are being pulled up and off the roof, a lot of debris is to be expected during your roof replacement. You will want to store vehicles in a garage or another location until the roofing is finished. Always hire roofers who do their best to clean up after themselves daily. A nail in the driveway can lead to a flat tire, and excellent customer service also means respecting your neighborhood and community. 

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