Real estate markets in the United States are facing a significant shift. It is the perfect time for sellers and a difficult time for buyers. Sellers are receiving offers that are significantly higher than in 2020 when the pandemic caused a dip in sales, but also when compared to 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred migration from coastal metropolises such as San Francisco and New York. Burgeoning areas in the west are becoming more appealing to employees not tied to a specific location for work. With more jobs going remote, people have the option to live where they want rather than where they need to live. Cities with high in-migration include Aberdeen, Washington, and even Naples, Florida.

Housing prices have skyrocketed, and houses are selling fast. Homes are only listed for a few days before they are bought, and buyers are making a major decision in a matter of hours. Otherwise, they risk losing their bid.

How much does it cost to build a home in Seattle?

There are a couple of variables that affect how much your new home construction project will cost. These include:

  • Location/neighborhood
  • Acreage
  • Quality of the land
  • The design of the house itself – how many stories will it be? What materials will be used?

Home Care Contractors builds new construction homes in quality communities and neighborhoods around Washington that are conveniently located near the best schools, shopping, and entertainment in your city. We are happy to listen to your desires and what features you want in your home. Whether you want to live near a park or closer to the woods or next to a lake, there are communities in the Seattle, Washington area where you will be happy to call home. After working with your realtor, you want to call a builder with years of experience. Give us a call today at Home Care Contractors to learn more.


Is it cheaper to build your own house in Washington State?

With this buying frenzy in the national real estate trending, people are also buying new furniture to put in their homes. When the lockdowns happened, commercial saws and furniture manufacturers had to close down. Meanwhile, people were at home thinking about how to make the place where they were stuck feel cozier. For this reason and many others, the price of lumber has increased 406% since 2020.

Remember that prices are subject to change and materials that are expensive today may not be in the future, and manufacturing companies that are closed could be open tomorrow.

However, there have always been some financial advantages for homeowners who choose to hire a builder for their new construction project: 

  • Better use of space: A consultant will schedule either a virtual or in-person meeting to develop detailed floor plans that optimizes space in all of the bedrooms and throughout your new home.
  • No need for service or repairs for years: With a new home comes brand new amenities and features, such as modern, green appliances that won’t need service for years. This can help you save money on repairs that you won’t need for five, 10, or even 15 years.

Is it a good time to buy a house in Seattle?

Considering how the market is right now, new construction homes sound like a better idea than paying a lot more for a house that will already come with needs. With a new home in Seattle, you don’t have to worry about updating appliances or any major fixes for several years.

Although there is a lot of time, planning, and design that goes into creating your new home, it always ends up being very worthwhile for the homeowner to pursue new construction in Seattle to get all of the features in the modern home that they want.


While we strive to answer all questions possible, no website will be able to answer everything about new construction homes in Seattle. That’s why we ask you to please give us a call if you have any questions about construction, moving to the city, or our process. We will be happy to set up a consultation with you.

Are there any warranties or come with the house?

It is a good idea to be clear on what features in your home will be covered under warranty. Most new appliances do come with a warranty. At Home Care Contractors, we provide a 12-month warranty against defects in workmanship, a rare warranty that most other builders do not offer their clients. While we stand behind our work, if you happen to be one of the extremely few who see a defect within 12 months, then call our Service Center at 425-239–7575.

Can I meet with my new construction builders virtually?

Yes. We can walk you through the process of designing your home using menu options, email communication, and other visuals to help you picture what your home will look like. The health and safety of our clients continue to be a high priority, so let us know what your communication preferences are.

What other advice do you offer to first-time new home construction buyers?

We always advise that you have an attorney read over your contracts so that way you know everything is done properly and equitably.

Why Home Care Contractors

Each of our tradesmen is a master in their specific trade, whether it’s carpentry or stone or framing, and each has been in the industry for an average of 10 years. Our five-star customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself, and our prices reflect the quality in our new construction homes that people living in those communities are proud of. We are happy to serve and provide new construction services in the city of Seattle and the surrounding communities.