Sometimes it’s great to have a fresh start. But if all you’re sure of is that you want a fresh start, then it helps to break down the kitchen redo process into concrete ideas.

Why Do You Want To Change Now?

This is a great question that will help guide all of your design decisions. This may be the first step in identifying the goals you have. If that’s too abstract, think about what you do and don’t like. Think about other kitchens you’ve been in, whether they’ve been in showrooms or in the home of someone you know? Do you admire the way a friend’s kitchen is laid out? Are you the kind of person who likes to keep appliances out on kitchen counters because there’s no room in the drawer? When you entertain, do people gather in the kitchen anyway? There is no rule of thumb that works for every homeowner. Think about the unique aspects of your house, your friends, and your daily life. 

From there it’s easy to start developing feelings that can be put into designing, such as:

  • Do you want more space, or do you need less space? 
  • Does your kitchen feel like it needs to open up, or do you like it to look closed off?

As you consider how you will use your space and how you want it to reflect you, the following can help you turn those into concrete ideas.

Adding or Removing A Kitchen Island

If you’re looking to add space to a cramped kitchen, then removing a permanent island, or making it smaller can give you the space that you need. However, for some large kitchens, adding an island can make preparing dishes easier. It can also double as storage space, a table to eat at, or just be extra helpful when hosting dinner parties and barbecues. 

The answer to the person who is ambivalent about them is to opt for a roving kitchen island. With securable wheels, these are the perfect solution for homeowners who like the extra tabletop space when they need it, such as regular big family dinners or parties, but want to have extra walking space at other times. Storing electronics you don’t use often in a movable island also helps to clear up kitchen clutter.


Whole books have been written on how to design cabinets for kitchens because there are so many options. And even if you don’t see one that you like, there are so many ways to make customizable cabinets so you can get the exact look that you want. 

First, ask yourself if you want open cabinets, clear or frosted cabinets, or opaque cabinets of wood, steel, or any other material. Open shelves instead of cabinets have become very trendy. Resting above stoves and counters, they look quite elegant. But if that’s not practical for your home, or if you need closed cabinets because you have children or pets, 


When it comes to countertops, you want to decide on what kind of finish you want. If you like the look of stone, then marble, granite, and soapstone might be your top picks. Marble, for example, retains a cool temperature to the touch, and because of its unique chemical structure, no two pieces of marble can ever look the same. However, marble, as with most stone countertops, are also much more expensive. 

Solid-surface material, which is made from a combination of acrylic and resin, is a much less expensive option and creates a sleek look in homes. 

Add A Nook

Finally, one of the best ways to deal with an awkward corner or spacing is to turn that area into a cozy nook. Storage boxes give a rustic chic look, but you can have professionally-designed seating spaces arranged. Set next to a window, this nook can be a beautiful spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Or add some pillows and blankets, and it becomes a cozy place for you to gather friends for wine. But nooks can also be kid-friendly, and be a fun place for your little ones to sit with their cereal.

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