When deciding to change things up in your kitchen, it helps to think about what you want. Really, take the time to sit back and think about what your goals are. You probably are voicing them to yourself or whoever you live with. “This is too small,” “we need more space,” and “I have nowhere to put things” are common phrases people say when it’s time to make adjustments to their living environment.

Moving With A Purpose

Before going forward, it is imperative to think about what your goals are. The answers to these questions will help you go forward.

  • What are the traffic patterns in your kitchen? Are there places that are blocked? Would you just love to tear down a wall between you and a dining room or other living space? If so, this is definitely something you want to bring up in the first estimate meeting.
  • What are your actual habits and busiest times of the day? Do you leave appliances on countertops because you use them often, and find that your current storage system requires digging around for things you need?
  • Is the kitchen island moveable? Would adding a moveable one help with storage issues?
  • What considerations do you need to make to keep your house safe for young children, such as ensuring that cabinets are designed to allow for child safety locks?

Placement of the Stove and Sink

As two of the main items you will use in your kitchen, you want to think about them first. The priority is to consider where the sink is, and to design your kitchen from there. But stoves also need to be up against exterior walls so proper ventilation systems can be installed to keep your house safe.

Increase Flow

Now that you’ve figured out what the specific needs of your space are, it’s time to consider general issues that homeowners face. Be sure to place the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator in a place where the doors of any of them will obstruct the flow. People should be able to get in and out of the kitchen without waiting for someone else to get out of the way.

A lot of people use their kitchen as an unofficial office area where they drop mail, coats, and keys. Sometimes the solution for this is to make a place outside the kitchen for these items. 

Flow also means placing appliances in places that make sense. It doesn’t make sense if the area where you prepare food is far away from the sink, where you will no doubt wash vegetables and your hands. You also don’t want it too far from the stove, either. Having to walk across the kitchen with drippy dough on your hands sounds like a potential disaster.  Everything should be placed in a logical position according to how you prepare food.

Leave Space Around Furniture

If your kitchen has a table in it, or enough space to have a dining area, then you want to put a table there that fits and allows for walking space around it. This may mean getting a smaller table or opting for one that can expand when you have more guests at your house. 

Moving kitchen islands are a great way to add countertop and storage space, while not permanently taking away space from the kitchen. If you need more floor space, then just roll it away.

When To Call Home Care Contractors

Each home and homeowner is different. The layout of your kitchen needs to match your needs, what is physically possible with the space in your home, and what your budget is. The experts at Home Care Contractors can show you various designs that will fit the needs of your specific space, and listen to your goals. As you read this list you probably thought about potential problems. What do you do if you have a small kitchen and the only place for a refrigerator means blocking flow? Luckily, our experts have a wide portfolio from all sorts of building and design experiences. They’ve seen a lot of challenges, and the creative solutions used to overcome them. Call today to find out how to get the kitchen of your dreams with our kitchen remodeling services.

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