The contractors at HCC are your commercial flooring solutions experts. With hundreds of commercial flooring projects under our belts, we have the experience to handle your large-scale flooring project.

As a business or property owner, you may have concerns about committing to your next flooring project. How long will the installation process take? Will the contractor use high-quality flooring materials, or will you need to replace your new flooring in a few years? At HCC, we understand the concerns of our clients and only use quality flooring products with long-term warranties. If you’re in the greater Seattle area, contact the HCC team for a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Factors to Consider For a Commercial Flooring Project

Before you commit to a commercial floor installation, you should go through this checklist. It could save you time and money. 

Determine Your Flooring Needs

Not all commercial businesses have the same requirements. The floor of a restaurant or bar will undergo substantially more wear and tear than a business office. While in the case of a law office, for instance, you might be able to install wood, laminate, or carpeting, for a busier facility, you may need tile or concrete. 

Commercial Flooring

Maintaining Your Floor

Certain types of flooring require more maintenance than others. For instance, the carpet needs to be vacuumed and occasionally shampooed. Polished concrete can be mopped or even hosed down. This is one of the reasons that you never see softer material in kitchens or factories. Floor maintenance is an expense, so consider the amount of work you want to put into upkeep. 


Depending on the height of your ceiling, your floor can be 25% of the room’s surface or more. That means that flooring will be a significant factor in the room’s aesthetics. You ashould consider the color, tone, reflectivity, and texture of your flooring materials before committing. Ask the installers to show you a few samples of ceramic tile, carpet, wood paneling, etc., before you commit to a new floor installation. 

Flooring Process

Whether you own a business or you lease space to businesses, you’re going to need to know how long the flooring job is going to take. Chances are, your team won’t be able to work on location while the contractors are moving furniture, pulling up the existing floor, and installing the new surface. At HCC, our team will give you a spot-on start-to-finish time estimate for the job.

Contractor Reputation

When you have any large-scale project, you want to be sure that it’s being handled by top-tier professionals with a reputation for service. Only hire a firm with years of experience and a reputation for quality work. In Seattle, that means contacting HCC. We’ve installed nearly every type of flooring material in commercial buildings of all types. When we commit to a project, we put the needs of our customers first. We won’t try to upsell you or convince you that you should commit to unnecessary expenses. Contact our Seattle-area office today. 

Commercial Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Flooring in Seattle

Whether you’re ready to install new carpet, tile, wood, laminate, concrete, or some other material, we recognize that quality flooring represents a significant expense. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our Seattle-area customers and the answers provided by our flooring specialists. 

How do I choose the right type of flooring?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of business your company or client’s company does. Carpeting not only absorbs sound but also hides stains. Poured concrete may be easier to maintain but often reflects sound. You’ll want to weigh the balance between aesthetics, maintenance, and wear. An experienced commercial flooring contractor can assist you with this decision. 

How long will I have to shut down my business for flooring projects?

It’s unrealistic to think that you can continue to work during your installation, so you should plan to lose all or part of your facility for a few days. A reputable flooring specialist can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

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