Commercial electricians do a lot of the same things like the residential technicians you call to your home to install landscape lighting or to fix things when your power is out. But a commercial tech electrician works on bigger systems. They have to power office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, and many other structures. Service technicians must install electrical components around other key components that need to be installed such as heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning HVAC systems and wife networks. At Home Care Contractors we offer a wide variety of commercial electrical services such as installing wiring and electrical components (light switches, for example), inspecting electrical systems (code compliance), and planning electrical systems for new construction. 

Home Care Contractors is your reliable commercial electrical contracting company. We provide full service electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, and tenant improvements. We have developed quite a reputation in the Seattle area and attribute our success to being grounded in core principles such as integrity and respect. We believe our clients deserve the best, and this is reflected in how we conduct our business and communicate with our clients. This is your project and it is important to you, so we ensure regular communication for the success of your project.

Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created lockout procedures and audits to protect workers from being injured. Our team of certified technicians is safety experts who implement these procedures so that an individual cannot accidentally turn on the power while work is being done, which can result in injury or death. There’s also a hefty fine if OSHA finds out someone is violating these procedures. 

Commercial Generator Installation 

We can help you determine what electrical components you need in order to install a generator on your commercial property. We can also help you determine what your energy usage is and what your needs would be should you have to rely on a generator to run your business. Of course, we complete all of our work to meet code regulations.

Electrical Wiring & Panel Services

There may be a number of reasons why a property owner may find that they need an electrical upgrade. Some older buildings with older electrical wiring are too outdated to safely run modern, more sophisticated devices. Your project may require adding a sizable load to your main electrical service, so you will need a licensed and experienced technician to service your upgrade.

In older buildings, electrical upgrades may be required as a safety precaution. When some buildings were constructed, there wasn’t such a reliance on technology as there is now, so the load on your main electrical service was generally a lot lower. These older electrical wiring systems are too outdated to run modern devices, and a new system will need to be installed that can handle the higher load. When you reach out to us at Home Care Contractors, we think about your present and future electrical needs. When discussing your wiring project with us, we consider all aspects of how space will be used so we can meet your electrical needs.

Electrical inspections

Electrical inspections ensure your protection. When you need new electrical circuits wired or have underground installations that need to be checked, call us right away. We will ensure that your panel boxes are covered, circuits are labeled and the plate covers are installed, among other inspections of equipment and appliances. When you call us at Home Care Contractors, we also inspect your electrical systems to ensure that they are up to code and make recommendations for what needs to be done in order to bring them up to code if they are not.


If you ever need an electrical services technician, do not hesitate to give us a call. Whenever you need us, Home Care Contractors will be there for you to meet your electrical needs and provide safety. Our technicians are standing by with the tools and expertise to address your commercial electrical services needs in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

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