Design inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. If you are looking for a residential design-build or need help selecting the most appropriate finishes for your new home, Home Care Contractors has all the resources you need to give you the desired results.

Gathering quality inspiration for your new home is what our team of residential design-build is all about. Our residential architecture will put together our best recommendations to transform your vision into a unique residential project.


Simplifying the Process

Our residential design-build team will oversee the construction process to ensure its progress while staying on budget. All this without cutting corners while preserving and staying true to your vision. In our residential design-build process, we count on your trust to know that we will be involved in every step of your home’s creation, from its conception through the final stages of construction.

Our work model offers you plenty of advantages over the traditional system of working with an architect and a general contractor. Undoubtedly, this is the road that will yield the best results for your next construction project, whether you require a remodel or have a new home in mind.

Your Goals Become Our Goals

Our design-build team and you will have the same goal: to finish the project successfully while exceeding your expectations. Should any issues or challenges crop up, you can rest assured that all of our team members are prepared to roll up their sleeves and find the best and speediest solution that will not impact the project’s quality.

Clear Communication Channels

When you work with us throughout the entire process, starting with the design and finishing when the construction ends, you will have a single communication source. Whether your question relates to the budget, materials, timeline, or any other topic, there will always be someone at the other end to answer your questions and concerns.

Continuity in the Design and Process

When there is a single contact point, every phase of the project becomes more efficient while minimizing the chances that something will fail to be noticed or dealt with. There will be accountability every step of the process, from budgets and timelines to the final result.

Experience and Know-how

Our design-build team has both the experience and know-how you need now. Our professional architects have the experience in construction you can count on while also understanding the entire construction process, starting with the full residential project’s pricing and sequencing.

Design-Build: Committed to Giving You the Best Outcome

When you work with our design-build team, you get the best combination of a designer/architect creative professional and an experienced contractor. You will work with a team that understands all the aesthetic design elements you are looking forward to incorporating in your home.

Make an initial appointment and get to know our design-build team. During the time we devote to you, you will have the opportunity to review our portfolio thoroughly. If time and distance permits, you will be able to walk through some of our completed projects to get a first-hand impression of the quality of our work.

Also, you will be able to talk to our design and construction team members, ask any questions that may be on your mind, and get your concerns put to rest. If you want to know about costs, find out what the average cost per square foot is, whether we have experience with any aspect of construction that you want to be included in your project, if there are issues obtaining permits, or how much time each phase will take, you can be sure that you will not be leaving our office with any doubts. And if you want to have a consultation over the phone, we can accommodate that as well.

Working with our residential design-build team means that you will enjoy the process from beginning to end. Our one-stop approach will lead to cost savings, fewer change orders, and a more practical approach to both construction and design. Give Home Care Contractors a call today to get started and start enjoying your new home much sooner than you think.

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