Your residential architect in Seattle has the knowledge, expertise, and refined taste needed when it comes to designing and building the residential property of your dreams. Whether it is a multi-unit residential building, a single-family home, a new build, or a remodeling project for your existing home, your residential architect has the skills and experience to present you with a finished product that will meet or exceed your needs.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly architectural design, historic preservation of a landmarked home, remodeling, or restoration, at Home Care Contractors we are always ready to satisfy all your architectural requirements and plans.


Main Purpose of Residential Architecture

From a purely pragmatic point of view, the purpose of residential or domestic architecture is to provide shelter for an individual, for a family, for a group of people that share a dwelling – and even for their pets. Added to the need for shelter, the need for security is also a basic physical function that residential architecture fulfills.

When residential architecture fulfills its objective, the basic needs of the project’s inhabitants will be served: a place to sleep, a place for people to maintain their hygiene, one where food will be prepared, another one where it will be consumed and shared, and, nowadays, even a place to work. And all these areas must protect the inhabitants from the force of nature. But the element added through architecture means that this will not be a single room with a roof over the heads of its dwellers, it means that an element of design and creativity will be added to make life within those walls more complete, enjoyable, and peaceful.

Historic Influence on Today’s Residential Architecture

It would seem as though human dwellings have been in continuous evolution through the centuries. And although that may be so in some respects, in others it is surprising to find that some dwelling types that were common in prehistoric times might still be found today in the most unexpected places. Within the United States, for example, it is common to find barns. Many people may not know, however, that barns are still being built based on a design that was first used in Europe during the first millennium BCE. It has frequently been the case that building new structures based on old techniques might yield more cost-effective results than dealing with experimentation and innovation.

Nowadays it is expected that residential architecture has to provide distinct areas for specific functions while also taking care of basic needs such as heating, lighting, food preparation, or sanitation. This is when residential architecture in Seattle shines by combining utilitarian functions with creative expressions to yield astonishing results.


Why hire a residential architect in Seattle?

The role played by a residential architect is vital when it comes to customizing a home. An architect from Home Care Contractors will develop the design of the project, hand-pick all building materials to be approved by the homeowners, and manage the entire build. The architect will be responsible for observing the work that is being done and making sure it complies not only with the blueprints but also with all of today’s building codes. Working with an architect means that the project will take into account how the home is going to look amid the landscape where it will be nestled.

What are the advantages of residential architecture in Seattle?

As with everything else in life, there are always options when it comes to designing your new home. You may go online and purchase a stock plan for your lot, you may try to design it on your own according to an image that has formed in your mind or you may work with a professional architect that has the knowledge to design your home taking into consideration your needs, your budget, and the specifications marked by today’s building codes.

Working with an architect will undoubtedly bring more value to your home and give you exactly what you want in the space available. At Home Care Contractors we offer the exact mix of residential contractor and architectural design to get a unique home that will fill all your needs.

Give us a call today to get started on the road to the perfect home. You’ll be glad you did.

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