If you are ready to select a perfectly-balanced and professional design build team for your next remodel or home build, you can be sure that with Home Care Contractors the outcome will reflect savings in time and money. From a relationship with our design-build team members to an alliance that nurtures collaboration, you will enjoy every step of the process. This is because the design-build project delivery method offers plenty of advantages over using the traditional method of construction where an architect and a general contractor are involved and it is up to you to deal with both.


Advantage of Design Build Architecture in Seattle

Opting to embrace the design-build approach means you will have a single point of contact throughout the entire project. No more tugs-of-war between an architect who has fallen in love with a design idea and a general contractor who is not so keen to carry it out. By working with a unified team that comprises the architects, suppliers, builders, subcontractors, and you at Home Care Contractors we can ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Through this method, teamwork is fostered and everyone cooperates to reach the stated goal. The result: a successful construction project.

And having a single point of contact is just the beginning. The design build architecture method offers plenty of advantages, such as:

Precise Project Costs

Working within an outline of anticipated costs established during the design period results in projects that can be carried out within a realistic budget. As the owner, you will have a key role when determining the final project cost based on the cost implications of every design decision. Once the scope of work has been decided, costs can much more easily be defined and controlled.

Speedier Project Progression

By their very nature, design build architecture projects can be finished in a shorter amount of time. Scheduling for every facet of the project can be decided once the design is finalized. This system allows for potential construction issues to be uncovered early and taken care of efficiently. Working with a thoroughly integrated team means that the time from inception to completion is reduced considerably.

Optimal Quality Control

Having the entire project spelled out from the beginning translates into less ambiguity when it comes to material and construction specs. Every member is focused on protecting you and your investment in the project.

Design Build Process Steps

These are the steps that will take you from receiving an estimate to going forward with the design to concluding the build:

Start by Requesting an Estimate

When you contact Home Care Contractors you must provide us with the necessary information to evaluate the project and its feasibility. By obtaining an estimate you will get a clearer picture as to how realistic the project is and what budget you may be working with. This will enable you to understand if what you want is not possible either because it is too complex or because the cost would be out of your financial expectations. Knowing the limitations of the project gives you peace of mind that the project will run smoothly without you having to worry about cost overruns.

The Project is Designed and Planned

Technical drawings will start being produced. To achieve this, your input is invaluable in helping us get a clear picture of your specific needs and desired spaces and how you expect them to function. If it’s a remodel you are interested in, we visualize how the current space is being used and what it will look like when it is finished. You will also get an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with our construction professionals who will pinpoint any potential issues that may crop up and eliminate them. You will receive care and attention to details throughout.

The Project is Built

At Home Care Contractors we are able to offer you a level of confidence in the result of the project that you will not find elsewhere. Our architects, designers, and engineers will integrate their services and expertise throughout the process. Our qualified craftsmen will bring the project to life. We will perform sporadic inspections to ensure that all building codes are being met and all drawings are being followed. Our aim is for the final product to be delivered in what will surely be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved, particularly you.

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