From storefront to the backroom, every detail of your store is important to your brand. Every business has its own style, wants to provide its unique experience to customers and wants to stand out from competitors. Retail store construction is a vital component of reaching all these goals.

Retail Construction Services In Seattle

We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all retail store construction company. From restaurants to national chains to mom-and-pop shops, we work closely with store owners so they can understand the construction plan and process. We lead you from the initial ideas that you have through to the design phase. We will thoroughly explain construction drawings and renderings, and collaborate with you until you give your approval on the final design. We also go over the material selection with you.

We provide rebranding construction services. If it’s time for your company to freshen its look or to go in a new direction, then we’re here to help you deliver the best possible experience to your clients through a well-designed layout and renovation. We like to think of ourselves as working on a team with businesses that are rebranding, and that shows in our dedication to customer service and thorough communication. 

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation can be conducted over the phone. There are many things you will want to ask about and discuss during this conversation including:

  • Building codes
  • Permits
  • Planning for unforeseen conditions or issues

If you have any questions about the safety of your workers and ours, then you will want to discuss these during that initial meeting.

Types of Retail Construction

There are different options available when considering construction designs for your retail store location. Consider some of the following.

Remodeling An Existing Space

If you love your current location but do want to make changes to it, then Home Care Contractors can provide remodeling services for you. Let us know why you want to remodel your current space, what you like about it and what you are hoping to achieve from the project.

Storefront Changes

Sometimes you only need to make changes to the face of a business, rather than the interior. Your business’s storefront needs to make a first impression on your customers, colleagues, and clients. We are proud to work alongside many companies in achieving higher foot traffic from a fresher, more enticing storefront. 

Going Green

Sustainability projects have become much more popular as more companies want to reduce their energy costs and keep up with current trends that suggest that people prefer to support sustainable businesses. If you’re looking to go green, then call us at Home Care Contractors so we can discuss with you eco-friendly designs and products that support sustainability practices.

Requirements for Retail Construction

Whenever permits are required, Home Care Contractors is sure to provide you a copy of it. We are also happy to provide you with a copy of our licenses, insurance, and Worker’s Comp information. These will all be provided to you in the contract, which will also include relevant and important details such as:

  • Project schedules
  • Drawings and renderings
  • Details about supplies to be used, such as specific wall paint colors, etc. 

What To Take Into Consideration When Planning Retail Store Construction

We provide services and guidance regarding open and closed store remodels. If you are planning on keeping your business running during the renovation, then we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive high-quality service while keeping your employees and customers safe. You will need to consider parking spaces, as it is likely that we will need to bring a dumpster onto the property. If you are closing your store for remodeling, then let us know what your schedule is and when you’d like to reopen by.

At Home Care Contractors, we have seen a lot of different retail store spaces and designs, and we are confident that we can help you. In fact, we stand by our work and offer a warranty on both our craftsmanship and materials. So give us a call today and tell us about your retail store construction project ideas.

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