Louis Sullivan, the mentor to world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is credited as saying “Form ever follows function.” He believed that architectural design should serve a purpose, and all plans and aesthetic details should support that purpose. At Home Care Contractors, we do more than provide enticing and engaging spaces. Our designers, architects, engineers, and contractors work together as a team to create a beautiful space that is also practical, meets the needs of our clients, and serves their customers.

Seattle’s skyline is made famous by some of the most notable architecture in the U.S. Tall highrises and other office buildings are common sights. No matter where you plan to build your office building, you know it has to stand out and attract the clients and customers you want. 

What is An Office Building?

An office building, also known as a business center or as an office tower, is a type of commercial building with spaces that are primarily to be used as offices rather than as retail spaces, for example. These offices are intended to provide a workplace for:

  • Administrative jobs
  • Clerical jobs
  • Managerial jobs
  • Studio spaces for radio, television, or video production companies
  • Offices for professional services

How Do You Design an Office Building?

There are a number of factors that can affect the design of your office building. They include:

  • Building services, such as energy considerations, HVAC systems, carbon emissions, fire safety, and plumbing systems
  • Access and accessibility, such as doors, escalators, ramps, and stairs that can be used by all people regardless of physical disability
  • Site layout
  • The location, including considerations regarding surrounding buildings or whether or not the office building is near a school, park, airport, bus stop, etc.
  • Security and access control

What Rooms Are In An Office Building?

Office buildings, by their very nature, need to have the following:

  • Storage rooms
  • Filing rooms
  • Private restrooms
  • Individual office spaces
  • Large and small conference rooms. These must be equipped with videoconferencing abilities and the most up-to-date technology for presentations and all types of communication.
  • Smaller meeting rooms for individual meetings or small training
  • Reception area and lobby for the building, and reception areas within each office suite, with coat storage rooms
  • Kitchens with coffee bars and lunch areas for employees
  • Wellness rooms and mothering rooms
  • A soundproof room for recording podcasts, videos or web series
  • Adequate parking in well-lit lots with secure bike storage space
  • An IT room to serve as the centralized technology hub 
  • Large office floor plans to accommodate multiple cubicles
  • Mailrooms
  • Copier rooms

You will also want to think about landscaping and how you want to use outdoor space. Patios and green areas give employees a place to get some fresh air. This has been linked to employees experiencing greater mental clarity, which leads to better brainstorming and problem-solving.

You may also be considering adding a fitness center with locker rooms and showers to your office building. If you have such intentions, let us know so we can show you some of our work from past projects. 

What Makes A Building a Commercial Building?

In order for a building to be considered a commercial building, at least 50% of its tenants must offer retail services, professional services, or hospitality services. In addition to office buildings, there are many types of commercial buildings, including:

  • Retail centers or malls
  • Warehouses
  • Medical buildings
  • Hotels
  • Garages
  • Industrial facilities or factories
  • Land

In general, residential property is different from commercial property. Rarely do they cross over, but there have been cases of buildings being considered commercial buildings based on how many people live in them.

Seattle Office Building Construction You Can Trust

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