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Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? There are plenty of options when deciding on a fresh new look for your bathroom space. No matter your needs, tile is a perfect fit to suit your vision. It’s a versatile and flexible choice to go with for any bathroom construction or remodeling project.

Here are some fresh and trendy tiles for your bathroom space. Whether your job is big or small, new or old, a fresh set of tiles is guaranteed to breathe new life into your space.

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Bathroom View With Multiple Colours

Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas

When you need inspiration, look no further than the following trendy options for your bathroom tile design:

Brown Ochre

Brown ochre is a more recent trend in colors for 2023. Its most striking feature is the mixture of warm brown and gold. This tile can be a perfect choice for either your flooring or as an accent along your walls. It can also work to tie a room together by serving as the lining for a shower.

No matter what you choose to use this tile for, it can be a wonderfully understated accent to the rest of your bathroom.


Sometimes you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. Sometimes, something typical or expected just doesn’t cut it. Whites, browns, and greens might not be the right fit for your bathroom. Perhaps you’re looking for a splash of color? Maybe your whole bathroom is colorful and you need a statement piece to tie everything together.

Whatever your needs are, purple tile can serve as a bold choice that will tie your room together. If you’re in need of something more colorful in your bathroom or something that accents the rest of a colorful Moroccan environment, consider purple tile.


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more elegant, something that projects a high-class aura that anyone would be envious of. If that’s the case, then you should consider marble tile.

Marble tile is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something that conveys a sense of elegance and opulence in your bathroom design. A marble finish can add a layer of complexity to your bathroom space, making it a popular and timeless choice. If you’re looking to elevate your bathroom into a work of art, then going with marble tile for your space is an excellent option.


Oftentimes, classics are classics for a reason. They hold an indisputable charm that allows them to fit into multiple niches and fill almost any need. One of these timeless classics is the checkerboard pattern.

While simple, the design of alternating black and white squares is a design that can liven up any bathroom space. It can be used as an accent to allow other designs in the room to flourish, or it can be the centerpiece in a room themed entirely around contrasting colors. Whatever you decide, checkerboard is a solid choice for your bathroom tile.

Emerald Green

Emerald green can serve as an expressive and elegant choice for your bathroom tile design. Not only is emerald green both sleek and understated, but it holds a certain elegance that other choices fail to achieve.

Choosing emerald green is the perfect way to achieve a dark, dramatic look for your bathroom. It can serve as an accent wall or across the floor as a deep, mesmerizing touch.

Dark Tile

While people typically assume a bathroom should be white or a lighter shade on the spectrum, there is something to be said for a darker tone for your bathroom. Tile can assist in this, as it can serve as both an accent piece on the wall or across the entirety of the floor.

Do you have a more gothic idea in mind for your bathroom? Would it fit in more with the rest of your home if it were dark and moody? Then you should take a chance with a darker-colored tile for your bathroom. It doesn’t work in every situation — but when it works, it works wonders.


There are a number of ways that you can style your home, including your bathroom area. When deciding on a theme, it can be daunting to choose a variety of colors, patterns, and motifs that all mesh together and form one cohesive look. There is a way around this, however, and it’s a solution that is incredibly brilliant in its simplicity. In a word: monochrome.

Why worry about syncing an entire room together with a variety of different colors when you can drench your bathroom in a single color? In doing so, you guarantee that your room is tied together with one singular theme. This idea can provide your bathroom with a striking look that is unique and engaging.

Bathroom View With White Tiles

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