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House lifting has a few other names: house raising, house jacking, and building jacking. Regardless of what you call it, you can expect the final result to add both value and additional space to your home. If you’re looking to repair the foundation of your home or tackle basement remodeling in Seattle, Home Care Contractors can help!

Our general contractors and home builders in Seattle are no strangers to natural disasters, either. If your home sits in a flood zone, house lifting can serve as a way to raise your home out of it and protect it from any damage a flood might cause – so if you live near rivers or lakes, a house lift might be a good idea for your home, too. An expert from Home Care Contractors can get you the help needed in case of a water damage restoration in Seattle.

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House-Lifting Tips

When lifting a home, you should take a few things into consideration. Because Seattle homeowners are now required to secure their homes to their foundations, it’s important to work closely with home lifters familiar with Seattle and Washington State’s climate and seismic conditions.

At Home Care Contractors, all of our general contractors are local and experienced experts; we are capable of appropriately profiling your home against your area’s seismic record. To avoid any risks, the contractors performing your house lift will take all safety precautions necessary.

We will also assess any foundation issues your home’s foundation might have, such as a poorly constructed drainage system, changes in soil composition, and weather conditions. This way, we can address any problems while completing your house lift. If you have an older house or have just moved to a new location, a plumber in Seattle from Home Care Contractors can raise any concerns with you.

Understanding How Houses Are Lifted

If you’ve ever wondered how homes are lifted during the house-lifting process, we’ve got you covered. In general, house lifting projects involve raising it above its existing foundation and building a new foundation underneath it.

Home Care Contractors offers home remodeling Seattle can count on – we follow the standard method of lifting a home; the whole process is executed in stages using a unified hydraulic jacking machine. 

For our home builders and general contractors in Washington State to lift your home, they will run steel beams underneath the home before using hydraulic jacks to raise it. During the actual process, holes are created in intervals within the foundation wall so that the beams can be installed where needed.

Once the jacks have raised the home to a high enough elevation, cribbing is used to support the home as the new foundation walls are built. Once the house lift is completed, your home will be lowered onto its new foundation walls, the beams will be removed, and the holes will be filled.

Basement Remodeling Techniques

House lifting provides a unique opportunity for you to remodel your basement at the same time. Whether you are remodeling the basement of an old house or a new home in Seattle, our builders are happy to include a new basement within your project. 

If you would like more space in your home, adding a basement gives you the opportunity to tack on additional rooms within the construction of a new floor on your ground level. 

House raising allows homeowners to increase their living space without losing any yard space, too. Because you are expanding your home vertically, you won’t need to worry about removing any aspects of your front or back yard or cutting down trees.

Things to Consider When Budgeting for Your House-Lifting Project

Budgeting for your house-raising project is important for any homeowner to consider, especially if you’d like to pinpoint the exact amount it will cost. Because house lifting is considered a major renovation, you will need a house lifting permit.

A few factors go into the price of a permit, such as your home’s location, the value of the lifting project, and the duration of the lifting project. A few other hidden fees may appear, such as the charges and fees to disconnect and reconnect things like the internet, television, plumbing, and more.

Lifting your house can increase its property value, saving you moving costs in the future. From adding an additional area in the form of a basement and protecting your home from potential water damage, a house lift can save you money in the long term in more ways than one. On top of this, raising your house can save you thousands of dollars in homeowners insurance if it’s raised to the required Flood Protection Elevation.

Things You Need to Consider When Preparing Your House to Be Moved

Because a house lift is quite a large job, the contractor that you hire is an important decision to make. Home Care Contractors is happy to be the go-to company for all home repairs and remodels in the Seattle, Washington State area. Dedicated to keeping our customers happy and meeting deadlines, we aim to provide our customers with 5-star service.

After you’ve chosen a contractor to complete your house lift, you should confirm your new foundation’s plan including the lift height, details regarding new footers, and your new foundation’s design. An expert in design-build architecture in Seattle from Home Care Contractors may be happy to help you get the guidance you need. 

You should also properly prepare your home for the house lift by cleaning out your basement or crawlspace of furniture, removing any plumbing that hangs below floor joists, and removing any outdoor landscaping that may get in the way. This is to ensure your contractors have sufficient space to work.

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