If you are contemplating remodeling your bathroom, the cost will probably be a major factor in your decision. Before deciding on whether or not bathroom remodeling is worthwhile, you need to consider the cost of materials and labor. You will also want to take into account what the cost of putting off the remodel will be and if you can afford to wait.

Cost of the Materials 

When you are planning to remodel the lavatory, you have several major appliances that you will have to price. Remember to take your home’s age and plumbing system into consideration when you are shopping for materials. 

If you are planning on selling your home, you may want to educate yourself on the latest trends in bathroom design. A stylish and fashionable bathroom can add significant resale value to your home. A handicap accessible bathroom is also something to think about when you are remodeling. 

Although it may be hard to determine the exact cost of bathroom remodeling in Seattle, there are a few guidelines you should follow. Bear in mind that Seattle is a particularly expensive housing market.

According to a recent Cost Versus Value Report, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom in Washington is $23,548. However, that figure includes the cost of moving plumbing around. If you are willing to keep everything in the bathroom in the same place, you may be able to save yourself a fair amount of money. 


The price of bathroom sinks can range from $150 to $1500, not including installation. When selecting a sink, you should appraise the durability of the material and how difficult it will be to clean. You should also evaluate how easy the sink will be to use. Is the sink for a master bathroom or guest bathroom?  If you are remodeling a master bathroom. A dual sink may be a good thing to add. Dual sinks save a lot of time in the morning and they look great.


You can save a lot of money if you have a combination shower and tub. However, free-standing showers and tubs are all the rage these days and can add value to your home. If you are remodeling a master bathroom you may want to think about adding a dual sink. They save a lot of time in the morning and they look great.

New tubs can cost anywhere between $200 and $2000. Tubs are generally made out of porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is the most durable and a bit easier to clean. Ceramic is a good material from an interior design standpoint because it comes in many different colors. However, chips show clearly and it requires a lot of cleaning. Porcelain is more durable and chipping is not as noticeable. The cost of installation will depend on your plumbing system and how many changes need to be made to accommodate your new tub. 


New Toilet

The cost of a toilet can range anywhere between $200 and $5000. Installation costs vary and you should call a contractor for an estimate before you buy anything. Before you go with the cheapest option, remember to take your own comfort and the resale value of your home into consideration. Toilets with bidet components are popular these days and will make you feel clean and comfortable. 

Cost of Doing it Yourself 

You may have thought about remodeling your bathroom yourself. Although online videos may make a bathroom remodel look easy, remember, a misplaced tile or improperly installed shower pan can cause major problems. You should also give thought to the amount of time a new installation will take you. Unless you remodel bathrooms all the time, it will probably take you much longer than it would a professional contractor.

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