Thinking about upgrading your home? Interior remodeling in Bellevue, WA, takes more than just a new coat of paint. Maybe you want to add more room to your cramped kitchen or open up your living room to make it a more inviting hangout spot for the family – we at Home Care Contractors know not only how to make your home look nice, but how to make it work for you.

Acknowledged as the top remodeling company in the Pacific Northwest remodeling industry by the Seattle Times for 2023, we make practical changes to a property so homeowners can get the most out of it. Your HCC Bellevue interior designer will look closely at what will make your daily life better and then upgrade your home, one room at a time.

View Of A Renovated Kitchen

Our Interior Design Services in Bellevue

As a Bellevue home renovation company, our interior remodeling services cover a broad spectrum of simple to complex projects:

Kitchen remodeling

Is there enough space in your existing kitchen to cook and move around comfortably? Do you have sufficient and well-organized storage? Do you enjoy the time spent in your kitchen?

If not, it might be time to redo this part of your house. Our construction company contractors start by assessing your kitchen’s layout to identify areas where space is not being used efficiently. Our remodeling contractor might suggest adding an island for extra counter and storage space, or rearranging appliances for better workflow.

Remodel ideas

Depending on your budget for your dream home remodeling project, we can install a farmhouse sink, motion-control faucets, pot fillers, quartz countertops, statement lighting, custom cabinetry, and so much more. We can also add features like built-in organizers and pull-out shelves to make your dream kitchen remodels incredibly user-friendly.

Bathroom remodeling

Whether you seek a luxurious dual-shower or a tub to soak in after a long day, we can make it happen. Sometimes, moving things around, like the sink or toilet, can open up more space. We prefer using long-lasting materials (like tiles) that are easy to clean and can handle water.

Remodel ideas

If you need more places to store your towels and toiletries, we can design cabinets or shelves that fit right in. Adding bright lights for when you are getting ready and softer ones for a comforting bath can transform the space. Our design team can also help you pick out fixtures like a smart shower, rain showerhead, freestanding bathtub, floating vanities, touchless faucets, and heated floors to turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary.

Flooring upgrades

If your old flooring installation has become damaged, scratched, or worn out, consider replacing it. This is especially necessary if you have old carpets and someone in your household is constantly struggling with asthma or allergies; carpets are known to harbor dust mites and many other common allergens.

Remodel ideas

We have a variety of options: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, bamboo, cork, linoleum, carpet, concrete, stone, and more. For busy families, laminate or vinyl that can handle a lot of foot traffic and is easy to clean is a good choice. If you want something more contemporary, you may like patterned tiles. Our home remodeling contractor takes care of everything – removing the old flooring, prepping the surface, and installing the new flooring with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Window and door replacement

Let us help you swap out those old, creaky windows and doors for something that saves you money. Brand-new windows and doors are much better at keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer, which means your heating and air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard.

Moreover, new windows can completely change the look and feel of your home. If you want more natural light, we can install larger windows or ones with slimmer frames. You can get double or triple-glazed glass windows that trap air or gas between the layers for better insulation.

Remodel ideas

For your new front door, we have countless styles and colors to choose from, including craftsman, modern, traditional, rustic, Dutch, Victorian, French, contemporary, colonial, and cottage. One of the more popular options among our home remodel clients is solid core doors, made with wood or composite material, with weatherstripping or acoustic seals for sound insulation.

View Of Two Identical Bathroom Sinks And Mirrors

Painting and wallpapering

Sometimes, instead of any major renovation, simply changing the color of your walls is all you need for home improvement. Our home remodeling contractor in Bellevue, Washington will help you select a paint color that makes your room feel bigger, cozier, or however you want it to feel. We love a soft peach for a soothing atmosphere; mint green for its peaceful-nature effect; creamy white for a clean, airy feel; teal for its energy; navy blue for an elegant statement; and charcoal for a dramatic flair.

Remodel ideas

Wallpapers are powerful tools in interior design for bringing personality to your walls. Options with gold, silver, or copper accents can add a touch of glamor; while textured wallpapers like grass cloth or embossed designs are best for adding depth and dimension. If you love the idea of traditional Asian art with contemporary styling, you may love an intricate Chinoiserie wallpaper. We have several interior remodel tips if you do not know where to start.

Regardless of what you choose, our greater Seattle area interior remodeling contractors specialize in this arena. They will first prep your walls to make them smooth, and then they will apply durable paint for a flawless finish or carefully align and apply wallpaper, so every detail is flawless.

Begin Your Dream Home Interior Remodeling Today

If you are thinking about a Pacific Northwest interior remodel, Home Care Contractors should be your first call for Bellevue, Washington interior remodeling contractors. Our experienced team of local general contractors in Bellevue has turned houses into dream homes for numerous homeowners across the Pacific Northwest, whether it is through revitalizing kitchens, bathrooms, a living space, or redesigning an entire home. With our blend of quality craftsmanship and mindful budgeting, your entire project will be handled with utmost precision and exceptional service. Contact us today or call our home renovations project manager at 206-556-6024 if you have any questions about interior renovation costs, estimated timeline, or home renovation ideas.