From underutilized to unforgettable: Your ideal basement space with Home Care Contractors

Is your basement hiding its true potential behind a wall of storage boxes and forgotten items? This often-overlooked area could be the answer to your need for extra storage. A playroom for the kids, a home office, a fitness studio, or a family recreational room – the possibilities are endless. At Home Care Contractors, we work closely with homeowners in Bellevue; we can turn a living space from an idea into a stunning, functional room.

Our Basement Remodel Services

Whether you want to make some smaller changes to your finished basement or do a complete overhaul, our experienced design and build experts can bring basement remodels to life, one step at a time.

Entrance To Basement Via The Stairs

Design consultation

We start with a basement design planning session where we discuss how you plan to use the space – be it a home theater, gym, office, game room, wet bar, or something else. We ask about your style preferences, any specific features you want, and your budget. Our Bellevue basement remodeling team will also check out the condition of your basement to see if there are any issues like dampness or faulty electrical systems. Based on this, we will discuss the layout plans, materials, type of flooring, wall finishes, lighting options, décor styles, placement of electrical outlets, and other successful basement remodel tips. 

Structural alterations

Our Bellevue basement contractors might need to repair or reinforce the structure to make it more suitable for your unfinished basement renovation plans. If you want to remove existing walls or open up the space, we might need to modify or add new support beams and columns. Underpinning, improving insulation and ventilation, and adding/resizing egress windows can also be a part of this process to make the accessory dwelling unit more habitable.

Waterproofing, electrical and plumbing work

One of the most important initial steps is basement waterproofing to safeguard it against moisture and water damage. If the space has any leaks, dampness, or a history of flooding, we can install interior waterproofing membranes, exterior drainage tiles, a French drain system, or a sump pump in addition to water-resistant paints. Next comes installing new electrical wiring, outlets, and lights, as well as plumbing if you want to add a bathroom or kitchen to your Bellevue basement remodel.

Custom built-ins and storage solutions

If you need more storage, we can build personalized shelving, cabinets, closets, or under-stair storage to meet the needs of your household within the existing square footage. For example, if you are an avid reader, we can build a custom bookshelf that fits perfectly into a niche in the wall. If your Bellevue basement remodel is to be used as a home office, we can create built-in desks, filing cabinets, and shelves to organize your work materials.

Elegant visual touch-ups

Once we are done with the construction, it is time to add the finishing touches to your daylight basement. The details depend on your personal style and budget, but we will show you a portfolio of our previous work to get a better understanding of what we can deliver. This might include:

  • Using wallpaper, decorative panels, or stenciling to beautify the basement walls.
  • Incorporating special lighting options, like track lighting, wall sconces, flush mount and semi-flush mount lights, chandeliers, LED strip lights, smart lighting systems, lanterns, etc.
  • Helping you pick sectionals, recliners, bar counters, coffee tables, area rugs, artwork, mirrors, plants, and decorative accessories.
  • Adding accent features like a fireplace, a bar area, statement wall, wine cellar, home theater system, game area, aquarium, reading nook, or even an indoor garden.

Choose Home Care Contractors for Basement Remodeling in Bellevue, WA

We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the design and remodeling work to completing projects on time and within budget. When you are considering investing in basement finishing, choosing HCC means you can get an outcome that will exceed your expectations.

Expertise in local climate

Each of our experts has over a decade of experience working on homes in the Washington area. The Pacific Northwest is known for its wet weather conditions, so you want a general contractor who understands how prone the basements here are to dampness and mold.

Our team is well-acquainted with these challenges and has developed effective strategies to waterproof your basement’s walls, install a quality drainage system, and use moisture-resistant materials to keep the living space dry and healthy year-round.

Quality craftsmanship in specialized projects

Every basement renovation comes with its own set of challenges. Some lack enough windows, meaning they do not get much natural light; others have lower ceilings, which can make the space feel cramped. Our skilled basement contractors in Bellevue not only have the skill to do the work well, but they can also think creatively to find out-of-the-box solutions. Whether it is figuring out how to reroute plumbing for a new bathroom, designing storage for a short-ceiling area, or strategically placing lighting elements to make your basement feel larger and more airy than it is, we have got you covered.

12-month warranty

We offer a 12-month warranty on our basement remodeling services as a guarantee that our work will last. If anything we have done in your basement starts having problems within a year, we will come back and fix it at no extra cost to you. We know that basements can sometimes reveal hidden problems over time, like structural weaknesses or issues with insulation. Our fixed warranty assures you that if such problems are related to the renovation work and emerge within a year, HCC will take responsibility for resolving them.

Basement Remodeling in Bellevue, WA, with Home Care Contractors

At Home Care Contractors, we see basements as an important part of your home, not just an extra room. All you need to do is tell us what you want, and we will handle the rest – from planning every last detail to obtaining the necessary legal and safety permits. Give us a call at 206-688-8605 or contact us online to set up your free consultation and learn how we can make your basement the favorite part of your home.