Latest Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

If you are in need of a bathroom makeover, you are probably wondering where to begin. In addition to wanting new appliances and the plumbing to work smoothly, you want to create a clean comfortable space where you will be able to prepare for your day in the morning. You also want a place to relax and unwind in the tub at night. 

There are a few new trends in bathroom remodeling that you may want to employ when planning your new restroom.

Placing Vanities in Front of Windows

If your bathroom window has a pretty view, it would be a shame to waste it by putting the commode in front of it. Why not put a vanity in front of that window so you can have a beautiful view when you get ready in the morning? You can hang a mirror off to the side, so you can see yourself as you shave or put on your make-up. The mirror will create an illusion of extra space, by reflecting the scenery from outside.

Hide the Drains

A walk-in shower can give any room a classy look. These days, designers are abandoning traditional grout tiles and replacing them with marble.  A walk-in shower floor with a marble slab can hide unsightly drain pipes. If you are worried about slipping on the marble, you should know that the marble slab is sandblasted and this creates a no-slip surface.

A Black Bathroom?

Black Bathroom

When you walk into a spa, the walls and furniture tend to be a dark color. Dark walls and shelving can create a feeling of peace and tranquility. You can nestle small black floor lamps in the corners, so the lighting will be subtle and soothing. 

Accent walls 

Painting a single wall a different color than the other three walls in a room is a technique often used to create space in a living room or bedroom. Some designers even use wallpaper or a mural for an accent wall. An accent wall in the bathroom is a recent trend. If you put a mirror in a gold or silver frame on the wall opposite the accent wall, it will add space to the room and create a beautiful bold feeling. 

Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

Round vanity mirrors were all the rage several years ago, but they were not practical because there was nowhere to put the medicine cabinet. A rectangular mirror with rounded corners adds the same soft and simple aesthetic quality to any bathroom and you will have a place to store your pills and toiletries. 

Council Sink Vanities 

If you are remodeling a guest bathroom or half bath, you may want to consider this compact vanity. It resembles a side table, but it is much higher and it is unencumbered by bulky drawers. 

They make a bathroom look beautiful and they are the perfect place to put decorative soaps or a dried flower arrangement.  

Free Standing Tubs

Nothing gives a bathroom a feeling of luxury like a freestanding bathtub. They are deep, comfortable and easy to clean. If your bathroom has a classic style, you should consider a claw foot tub. If you are going for a more modern look, you may want to try a stone resin tub. Although they may seem expensive, they are durable and never go out of fashion.

Free Standing Tub

Waterfall Showers

Only the finest hotels and spas have waterfall showers and these days homeowners are using them as well. These showers are mounted directly onto the ceiling and drench you when you get in. They are often used in addition to regular showerheads. Many of them have massaging components for the ultimate luxury experience. Some of these showers come with LED lights for a soothing effect. 

No matter how you decide to decorate your bathroom, our team of home contractors can help. Our master tradesmen have years of experience in home improvement and repair. You are going to have to live with your new bathroom for a long time, so you should hire the very best people for bathroom remodeling in Seattle.

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